Yeh Teri Galiyan 12th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Shan Calls Asmita His SIL

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Scene 1
Counterfeit Puchki says you have done such great arranging. Thaku mama says I educated you. I enlightened her regarding what your folks have accomplished for me. Nevi said consider the possibility that life gives you opportunity to retaliate for. You need to accomplish something for me. I realize you are dealing with a rich man’s girl Nandani. Also, she adores shan. Thaku mama said how would you know all that? Nevi said I keep my eyes open. Thaku mama took her to Nandani’s room. There are Shan’s photos. Nevi says she is insane aout him. In any case, shan just cherishes one young lady. Thaku mama says I know and I need to advise her and I am terrified that she may lose her psyche. Nevi said you don’t need to. She can have shan. Thaku mama said you detested us for what reason would you help me? Nevi said this is an arrangement. This is to get my Ridoy asmita, you your retribution and Nandani

Shan. Thaku mama shook her hand.

Thaku mama says this is your fight. I will support you. We need to take what need. Nandani says I will even give my life for Shan. I will make him mine.

Asmita says you are correct She can’t demonstrate anything. Bua says when you are Puchki then why stress? Truth doesn’t stow away. Bua says you simply need to bring your adoration back. ASmita says I will do it. I will demonstrate I am his Puchki. I wont let that phony puchki play with Shan’s emotions. I will ensure Shan and myself.

Shan reviews his adolescence. The tune tera yarr hoon principle plays. Nandani comes and says reviewing adolescence? I composed this letter to God as I backed at that point. You used to take my petitions to God like you used to do. Asmita says this wont work. shan knows the truth. Specialist has requested that you use medications on schedule. Shan looks Nandani says avoid Shan. Asmita says you should stress over his wellbeing. He isn’t well. Nandani applauds. She says this phony consideration wont make him yours. I am here to deal with him. She bolts Asmita outside.

Shan says don’t make trouble with asmita. She is a decent young lady. I don’t have the foggiest idea how I feel that.. She says in light of the fact that she is Ridoy’s significant other.

Scene 2

Bua says Asmita is Puchki. thaku mama says by what means will you locate that out/Moushm says how did you? Thaku mama says I was there when Puchkiw as conceived. I know her identity. For what reason didn’t she coem to pari mehal? She never desired Chanda either? Bua says in light of the fact that Beauty needed to slaughter her. Thaku mama says a cop terrified of Beauty? Truth is directly there before everybody. She simply needs to lead this house. Would she bring forth Ridoy’s tyke in the event that she adored Shan?

Shan searches for Ridoy. Asmita says you here.. He says yes I am searching for Ridoy. Where is he? Asmita says he is abroad. Shan says he is full grown at this point. ASmita holds his hand. Asmita says my Shan.. He says what’s going on with you? You are my SIL. Avoid me. He leaves. Nandani says Shan said avoid him. Asmita says for what reason would you say you are doing this? She says to get Shan.

no precap.

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