Yeh Teri Galiyan 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Fake Asmita Comes To The House

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Scene 1
Asmita says I am Puchki I can demonstrate. This young lady is tricking you. Pathan baba knows. Give me a chance to call him. She calls yet his number is off. Asmita says Shan.. Thaku mama says Shan you need to choose. Shan reviews their adolescence. Counterfeit Puchki says I made shan guarantee he wont return. Asmita says this is an untruth Shan. Thaku mama says Shan ask them inquiries., Asmita says alright ask us something that occurred between us. Shan asks counterfeit Puchki for what good reason did you return whether you guaranteed to leave? SHe says I said that in view of bari mama. Shan says who was our instructor in adolescence? Counterfeit one says there is no educator since I wasn’t into studies. Asmita says I was going to state it. Moushmi says Asmita is a liar. She is Mrs. Ridoy. Asmita says what are you saying. Moushmi says so that Moni isn’t yur

youngster? Bua says she can’t lie. Moushmi says she lied. She is a liar. Thaku mama says your Puchki could never wed Ridoy. Magnificence comes and says somebody ask me as well. Shan says what are you doing after such a significant number of years in this house? Thaku mama says to Ravindra you are letting a phony Puchki live in your home? Genuine Puchki is this one. Magnificence says that is the reason I figured how could Puchki become a cop. Counterfeit puchki says you are Thaku mama’s siiner. I consumed your hand I will do that again on the off chance that you hurt her. Asmita says for what reason would I lie. Thaku mama says you are after cash. You came here as a cop and became more acquainted with Shan is the genuine rich individual. And afterward you made him succumb to you. Ravindra says this can’t occur. Shan says sir would you say you are alright? Shan says sir isn’t well. Thaku mama you can live here.

Asmita takes a gander at Shan. Magnificence says to Neel for what reason is your mother doing this? Magnificence says how could she return? Thaku mama comes in and says you can’t change destiny. How are you my girl? Neel says I wedded your girl. Thaku mama says she would demolish your life. Show her out of this house and your life. Neel leaves. Thaku says where have you been little girl? You murdered me. I will indicate you now how a harmed mother delivers retribution. See what is straightaway. A mother is dependably a mother. I am your mother, yet consider your father is here to demolish your life.

Scene 2

Asmita cries. She says now I need to give my character’s evidence? I see question in my Shan’s eyes? Why? For what reason do you do this to me. This is all troubling Shan. What should I do. Bua comes and says what amount do you confide in your affection? Asmita says more than my life. Asmita says how is thaku mama back? Who is that young lady? For what reason would she say she is calling herself Puchki? bua says quiet down. Bua says you are a cop. You can discover what’s going on.

Counterfeit Puchki says Shan contacted me. It feels like a fantasy. Thaku mama says I will get you your shan. Be that as it may, it wont be simple. I realize the greatest test is Puchki. I realize how difficult she is. She wont surrender. She is an officer and it is about her adoration. She wont surrender. Love is solid than fellowship. SHan’s affection can wake up whenever. You need to takeover his heart. I will support you. She says thank you mama. Thaku mama says when you my girl left me to bite the dust, your folks gave me another life. They kept me in their home. I realize you adore Shan from London. She says as far back as then I began to look all starry eyed at him. Counterfeit Puchki says it wont have been conceivable on the off chance that she didn’t go to our home that day.

Nevi came to them. Nevi said your little girl educated us regarding your demise yet you are alive. Thaku mama said when your own family swindles you, you bite the dust notwithstanding when you are alive. Nevi said imagine a scenario where life allowed you to deliver retribution. Counterfeit Puchki says you have done astonishing arranging. Thaku says perceive how I make Shan and asmita endure.

No precap.

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