Yeh Teri Galiyan 10th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Thaku Ma Comes Back

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Scene 1
Asmita keeps running towards Shan. Shan says sorry I didn’t remember you. WHo are you? For what reason would you say you are embracing me? bua says she is asmita. SHan says who Asmita? I don’t have the foggiest idea about any asmita. Specialist says please go out and don’t give patient pressure. Bua takes Shan outside.

Asmita cries. She says Shan didn’t.. Bua says there is no reason to worry. Asmita says in what manner can he not remember me. NEvi says quiet down. You are in medical clinic. Specialist turns out. Specialist says he experiences issues in recalling some old things. This does incomplete memory misfortune. Bua says that implies he may recollect adolescence? Specialist says we can’t utter a word till we have power. Try not to constrain any memory on him. Or then again he may lose the majority of his memory. Ravindra says will he be alright? Specialist says we can trust.

Nevi says I have lost a child as of now.

Asmita comes to sanctuary and cries. She says you don’t need anything great in my life? For what reason do you do this? Bua says in light of the fact that you are extraordinary. God realize you can discover answer for anything. You are my fearless young lady. Asmita expresses profound gratitude for reminding me what cna I do. I realize how to fix this. Bua says he wont have overlooked his Puchki. You need to discover your adoration back. Nevi says I wont give that a chance to occur. Specialist calls Nevi. She says truly? This is such an uplifting news. In the event that Ridoy can be on his feet I am prepared to do anything. I will take him anyplace. I will see you very soon.

Scene 2

Ravindra brings Shan home. Bua says let me do arti. Shan says yet mother does arti. Bua says she has gone for your supplication in sanctuary. He says when did I get this wound? How? Bua says rest first and you will find every one of the solutions. Asmita grins taking a gander at them. A chunri falls on her. Shan looks towards Asmita. He has a go at strolling toward that path. He removes her chunri and spreads their heads with it. Asmita says I am your Puchki. Shan says Puchki.. A lady says Shan.. It’s Thaku mama. Asmita says Thaku mama is alive? Magnificence said she kicked the bucket. Ravindra says this Thaku mama is alive? Shan goes to her and embraces her. Shan says Thaku mama you. SHe says I am happy despite everything you recall me. Individuals think I am dead. Bua says he isn’t well. Give him a chance to rest. Thaku mama says I have his treatment. Thaku mama says who? She says I have Pcuchki with me. Everybody is stunned. A young lady leaves the vehicle. Bua says Asmita is puchki. Thaku mama says this is genuine Puchki. This Asmita is phony. Shan is confounded.

Thaku mama says I know who genuine Puchki is. This young lady is asmita. Asmita says you have misjudged. Thaku mama says you act well. That is the manner by which you tricked every one of these individuals. Asmita says I am puchki. For what reason are you doing this. Thaku mama says Shan you knw I don’t lie. This young lady is tricking you. Shan you need to choose who is your Puchki. Asmita says he isn’t well. Try not to push him. Counterfeit Puchki says I guaranteed Shan I will never meet him and he said he could never return to this city. Shan says on the off chance that she isn’t Puchki how can she recollect this?

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