Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Naira Misses Kartik

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Kartik seeing Naira’s pic. O morey saiyyan… plays… He gets a call. Naira gets a cake. Kairav inquires as to for what reason don’t you make kachoris. She considers Kartik and says its a unique day so I made desserts. He says my fav is kachori. She says indeed, I will make kachoris however for supper, if Liza comes, she will eat the majority of the cake, have it quick. He asks where is my Papa. She cries and eats the cake. She says your Papa… I will be back… . She goes crying. He eats the cake.

Everybody observes Vansh’s birthday. Manish gives a blessing. Vansh says stunning, a biker’s coat. Manish says Suwarna you are tagging along on my next bicycle ride. Vansh smears cake all over. Samarth stops Vansh. Vansh says its among me and my brother. Gayu says Kartik has spoiled

him. Dadi says Vansh is abundantly spoiled, yet I m not saying anything as he has been with Kartik in awful occasions. Suwarna says he has improved Kartik’s life. Vedika says I got the endowments and got it stuffed too, you proceed to appreciate. Gayu says thanks to her. Vedika sees Suwarna and says you can see love for Kartik in Naira’s eyes, recognize love for him clearly as well. She goes to Kartik. He says sorry. She gives him a tissue to clean his face.

The woman gets some information about their marriage, individuals have begun remarking, its been quite a while, everybody asks something very similar. Suwarna says then given them a chance to inquire. The woman says its five years now. Suwarna says this time isn’t directly for this. The woman says individuals are passing remarks, Naira has not gone to various city, yet to an alternate world, she will stay away forever from that point. Kartik hears them. Kairav comes and says I became acquainted with who is my Papa, I have included his pic in family tree. Naira worriedly observes some pic. He requests that her get kachoris and goes. Kairav says you are my fav on-screen character, you become my Papa. Kartik reviews the women’s universes. He washes up. He composes Naira’s name on the glass. He supposes for what reason did I pose that inquiry. Dadi says everybody attempts to simply clarify me, the fact is, I m stressed for Kartik, he didn’t proceed onward yet, what’s Vedika’s oversight in this. Suwarna says we shouldn’t compel him.

Manish says we will never compel him, we can attempt to persuade him. Dadi says Kartik brought Vedika here. Akhilesh says their past is so excruciating. Dadi says Naira will never return, however for to what extent will we miss her, we need to proceed onward, we should give Naira’s place to Vedika. They see Vedika. Vedika says I will get what’s bound for me, similar to I got all of you, your adoration and regard, who could envision that I would get this in the wake of losing everything once, I m content with my life, on the off chance that you need to see Kartik upbeat, don’t put weight on him, he has cherished Naira a ton, its simple to request that somebody proceed onward, its exceptionally hard to do this, let everything be the equivalent, there is no utilization to finish relations without the aim, we ought to hope constantly, perhaps we trust in great and something extraordinary occurs. Everybody grins.

Naira makes Kairav rest. Kartik goes to her and says you are disturbed, yet despite everything you cherish me and miss me. She says no. He asks truly. She says yes. He asks how would you recollect me over and over. She closes eyes. She opens eyes and doesn’t see him. She says I m irate on you however I adore you a ton, I miss you to such an extent. She sees Kairav dozing. She calls Kartik on the landline. Kartik doesn’t reply. Suwarna answers. Naira hears her voice and cries.

Suwarna asks who is it. Naira detaches and supposes I miss all of you. Suwarna says Naira… Manish says you think its Naira dependably with each clear call, its time you acknowledge this, she has gone far. He embraces Suwarna. She says my expectation doesn’t bite the dust, what will I do. Kairav awakens and sees Naira crying. He turns opposite side.

Its morning, Naira thinks Kairav shouldn’t consider anything today, nothing ought to turn out badly in school. Kairav plays and says mother looks exceptionally tragic, she had cried in night. He petitions God for her. Liza asks what’s happening, did you make any GF in school. He says I go there to consider, not for this. Liza says what a demeanor and core interest. He says you additionally center, else you will fall. She says my equalization will never… . She falls. He giggles. She says I will see you. He says you overlooked Tina’s birthday. She says I didn’t recollect. He says mum is tragic, we need to satisfy her. She says done, you don’t get dismal. Naira asks Kairav to proceed to change now.

Kartik purchases blossoms. He comes to Akshara move institute. He says a great deal of things have changed, however this spot will dependably remain how you would have preferred it to be, your recollections are here, this time I will give you a decent amazement, you will be enchanted. Vedika requests that the men keep the statue. She welcomes Kartik. He asks what’s this. She says arrangements for uncommon day. He asks what do you mean. She demonstrates the statue. She says Naira’s birthday is coming, I thought of accomplishing something exceptional. He requests that what’s the need do this, I can deal with things here. She says I m sorry, I had no clue… He says ask me once before doing anything next time, sorry I shouldn’t be impolite towards you. She says I m likewise heartbroken, I will send this back. He says indeed, much obliged. She sends the statue back. She sees Naira’s pic.

Precap:Some goons take steps to abduct Kairav. Naira beats them. Kartik beats goons. Vedika says only one out of every odd young lady is Naira.

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