Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th June 2019 Written Episode Update

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The scene begins with mahadev as indra dev or prabhu sureshwar lighting his Vajra astra and upmanyu saying to him that I am sorry to you and your vahan airavat for any sort of unpleasant conduct of mine which may have been caused to you by me unconsciously however observing me saying ‘sorry’ you don’t imagine that I will prevent my petition and leave from here yet I will apologize to you yet I won’t leave from here then regardless of in the event that you assault me from your Vajra astra. Devi sachi/parvati grins hearing this, Lakshmi devi says that this child is extremely gallant, sarawati devi says that I am terrified that because of upmanyu’s this mental fortitude mahadev must not blow up. Mahadev believes that I have given you enough cautioning now and I will assault you now and it won’t miss. Upmanyu says that now whichever outcome

may come yet I will implore in mahadev’s bhakti. Parvati says I realize that mahadev is taking child upmanyu’s test yet I am not ready to see him in issue. Saraswati devi says that he shouldn’t get in any issue. Lakshmi devi says that I feel that now this would be the last test from mahadev’s side. There upmanyu begins reciting and imploring once more. At that point upmanyu sees the thunder lightning coming towards the shivling to annihilate it and says this would devastate it and I won’t let that occur and he embraces it to keep it safe and begins reciting om namah shivay and says I won’t let anything transpire prabhu mahadev, mahadev stops the lighting somewhat above him and grins seeing it. Master Vishnu says this is an admirer’s faithfulness and loving force and love towards the god that he finishes in the test. Mahadev says to upmanyu to get and upmanyu gazes upward and says that this lightning ceased and my prabhu’s shivling is protected. Mahadev says that your test is finished and see who has come I am your prabhu shiv Shankar and you have prevailing in your test. Upmanyu says yet I am not ready to accept that you are my prabhu as, according to my mom’s portrayal about him he has a trishul with him and nandiji with him as his vahan and parvati devi however you have airavat and devi sachi with you so I am not ready to accept that you are my prabhu,

I feel you are doing this to stop me doing my prabhu’s reciting and imploring. Parvati and mahadev grin and Vishnu and Lakshmi state that he is so guiltless and now mahadev has stepped through his examination and now he shoulsn’t test mahadev. Upmanyu says that as per my mom’s depiction he has his hair beaded and his neck’s segment is blue and he has taken Chandra on his head and snake in his neck and furthermore maa parvati and nandiji are dependably with him. Mahadev, maa parvati and nandiji come in their actual structures and upmanyu gets elated and goes running and apologizes and says that I couldn’t remember you I am sorry as other than shivling I have never observed you saying so he dozes and takes gifts and mahadev says that I am inspired with your love and furthermore with the other structure and b=name given by you to me as sureshwar. He comes in sureshwar structure and maa parvati appeals to him. Mahadev says that from today this symbol of devraj indra will be kniwn as sureshwar. He says that you have finished in the entirety of your tests and furthermore set a precedent that untruth and truth’s way isn’t simple and numerous snags come in the middle of this way yet on the off chance that you are honest, at that point you be on that way reach to your objectives. Mahadev says that you kept on your dad’s place so subsequently I favor your and give you a help, a sea of milk named kshir sagar and mahadev himself feeds milk to upmanyu from a bowl. Every one of the divine beings get upbeat and upmanyu says that this an astonishing scene to see sea of milk and mahadev says that from today you are ther holder of kshir sagar and furthermore you will have numerous dairy animals with you. Parvati says that I am glad to be called as your mom and I give you a position of akshaykumar.

Nandiji says that I will likewise deal with you and other such admirers when they are in issue. Upmanyu says that I am appreciative and glad that I got favored from you three yet my love has not been finished as I had requested something different. Mahadev says that I will encourage you milk and you reciting and petitions have been finished. Parvati maa gets a bowl and places milk in it from the milk sea and offers it to mahadev and he sustains him milk. Ganesh says that it implies that he got succeeded and regardless of what may come in one’s way to succeed something he may defeat those hindrances to reach there. Ravan says that yes along these lines sureshwar symbol appeared. Ganesh now we ought to likewise implore sureshwar god and ravan says hold up let me complete my love, ganesh state we should initially appeal to sureshwar symbol and begins raying and ravan additionally begins asking and sreshwar’s symbol entire story is appeared with tune om namah shivay. Lightning begins and ganesh says that what happened lankesh and for what reason hasn’t god sureshwar appeared and offered darshan to us. Ravan says perhaps your love may be less and as it is the climate has changed and it has begun lightning so along these lines we got his approval. Ravan then plunks down and his 10 heads come up and he says now I will recite prabhu’s; name multiple times with belpatra and after that I will disclose to you his next symbol’s story. Lankesh is reciting yet sureshwar’s lightning strikes and he hits ravan with it to test him. At that point sureshwar dev shows up and ganesh appeals to him and afterward lankesh completes his last reciting with belpatra and afterward goes to master sureshwar. Master sureshwar favors him and mends his wounds which he got because of the lightning. Lankesh says that what is this leela of yours where in you hurted and mended me both. Master sureshwar says that it was to test whether your love and supplications can conquer any impediments by control, and because of this love and order I am releasing you ahead with mahadev’s atmaling. Master sureshwar says that recollect whether you get indisciplined then you won’t almost certainly proceed with this atmaling. Ganesh implores ruler sureshwar and he goes. Lankesh begins grinning and ganesh inquires as to for what reason are you grinning. Lankesh says that ruler sureshwar said that in the event that I get indisciplined, at that point I won’t get atma ling and won’t almost certainly proceed however I am particularly trained and I have taken in this from mahadev’s another symbol who had resulted in these present circumstances world to instruct discipline. Ganesh asks which symbol is this, lankesh says Rishi Durvasa and it was the point at which all were overlooking order even god. That is the reason he was destined to get discipline on the planet. In any case, he had parcel of indignation and samudra manthan had come to presence at that point. Ganesh asks so does that imply that because of this samudra manthan had occurred. Lankesh says that yes and this is the following story of mahadev’s symbol. The screen solidifies all over.

Precap: Rishi Durvasa’s symbol is indicated which was conceived by mahadev’s indignation for improvement of the world.

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