Tujhse Hai Raabta 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Malhar Assures Kalyani To Search Anupriya

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The Episode begins with the cab driver taking Kalyani and Sarthak to Ahilya Nivas and says he dropped them here. Kalyani thanks the driver. She discloses to Sarthak that Atharv may have felt that they won’t look Aai again in the house. Sarthak says we will look Anupriya in the house. Kalyani asks bappa to support her and stop her marriage with Atharv at night. Aao Saheb thumps on the entryway calling Kalyani. Sampada gets stressed and thinks Kalyani will come quick. Atul asks what was the deal? Aao Saheb says visitors are coming and getting some information about Kalyani. Atul calls her and thumps on the entryway. Sampada gets strained. Atharv thumps on the entryway, breaks the entryway and gets inside. They see Kalyani dozing on bed. Atul calls her. Kalyani professes to wake up and tells that she doesn’t have the foggiest idea what happened to

her when she was playing sindoor khela with the women. She reviews Sarthak approaching her to prepare for marriage and they will look Anupriya. She got inside the room through the window and claiming to rest. She asks Bappa to help her hunt Aai else she needs to wed Atharv. Sarthak discloses to Malhar that it is great that Atharv doesn’t realize that Anupriya is here in the house and requests that he request that his constables search her. Malhar expresses gratitude toward him. Sarthak requests that he express gratitude toward Kalyani and says you are fortunate to have Kalyani as your lifepartner. Malhar says I know. Atharv takes Kalyani to the corridor and demonstrates her marriage enhancements. Atul says Atharv did this game plans medium-term supposing you like bengali custom and says you will wed infront of Goddess icon. Atharv says we will wed in 60 minutes. They applaud. Kalyani says marriage was in the night. Atul tells that Pandit ji told that Mahurat is great and in the event that the sindoor even contacts the maang of lady of the hour, at that point the marriage occurs. Kalyani asks where is our Pandit ji. Atharv requests that her proceed to prepare quick. Kalyani says I can’t prepare in 60 minutes. Atul says you can prepare in 1 min and half. Atharv requests that her prepare.

Malhar converses with the constables on phone call and requests that they search Anupriya all over the place. Atul requests that her come. Atharv thinks your bidaai will occur in 2 hours and supposes she thought herself and Malhar as wise. He says either your bidaai or your mum’s bidaai will occur. Pawar and Rao couldn’t discover Anupriya. Sarthak asks Malhar not to stress as the marriage is around evening time. Malhar gets Kalyani’s message that marriage is in 60 minutes. Aparna prepares Kalyani for marriage. Kalyani says I have neglected to look through my Aai. She says Malhar ji, Kaka and I attempted a ton, however neglected to find you. She opens the sindoor jug and sees poison. She says once she discovers her after the marriage, she will eat toxin and give her life, as she can’t remain with Atharv and it is smarter to bite the dust. She says you will be angry with me, yet will comprehend my powerlessness. She says I will make Atharv lose regardless of whether I need to give away my life. Atharv comes there wearing the sehra. Kalyani inquires as to whether he came to hear that she has lost and he has won. She requests that he go and says she would prefer not to see his face. The man of the hour isn’t atharv, however Malhar and he keeps his hand on her mouth. Kalyani says Malhar ji you… She gets some information about Atharv. Malhar says what do you believe that I will give you a chance to wed Atharv.

A fb is appeared, Atharv sings tune and applies aroma. He says it is exorbitant. Malhar says lets play your band before marriage and hits him to make him oblivious. Atharv swoons. Kalyani gets glad and says she don’t trust this brilliance from you and says I mean. Malhar requests that her hush up about her considerations. Kalyani says there is an issue and says Atharv is taller than you. Malhar says I will hear heels and inquires as to for what reason did she tell this. Kalyani giggles and says you have turned out to be keen being with me. She says I have found in movies that ladies change before marriage and says if Aai comes to think about this… She says you need to spare my Aai. Malhar says I will get information about Aai from Atharv’s men. He says we will look Maai. He says I trust that we will discover Aai. Kalyani says you are the best Malhar ji and embraces him. Melody plays… .tere receptacle abdominal muscle… .tujhe kitna chahne lage murmur… He holds her and embraces her. Kalyani takes a gander at him shockingly. Malhar additionally takes a gander at her. He says I will leave, fare thee well. Kalyani implores Ganapati Bappa and requests that he help her, similar to he generally causes her. She creases her hands.

Precap: Atharv returns to mandap to wed Kalyani and requests that her wed him on the off chance that she needs both Anupriya and Malhar safe. He is going to fill her maang with sindoor. Anupriya is tied behind the Durga Maa symbol and attempts to free herself.

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