Tujhse Hai Raabta 10th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kalyani Searches Anupriya On Her Marriage Day

Tujhse Hai Raabta 10th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Malhar inquiring as to whether she was crying? Kalyani says no and says I drank hot espresso. Malhar gets some information about Atharv. Kalyani says he is in room dozing. Malhar asks her not to lose expectation and tells that his men are outside the production line and is certain that Maai is hostage there. He says I would prefer not to enter production line now, my men will sit tight for Atharv to go there and after that will catch him in the act. He requests that her give time till morning and says he will make everything fine. Kalyani inquires as to whether he might want to have espresso and asks will I make. Malhar takes the espresso tea from her hand, which she was drinking and takes a taste. He gives espresso mug to kalyani. Kalyani tastes the tea. Tujhe kitna chahne lage murmur plays… Malhar takes container from her hand and beverages. Kalyani grins. Malhar appears the glass to Kalyani.

In the first part of the day, Atharv calls Atul and Pallavi and demonstrates his harmed palm. Aao Saheb asks what’s up have happened today. Atul stresses for Atharv and gauzes his hand. Official comes there. Atharv discloses to him that somebody assaulted him and cut blade on his hand. Malhar thinks Atharv is utilizing trap on himself. Atul requests that Commissioner allot some skilled officer for Atharv. Chief asks Malhar to allocate every one of his officers in Atharv’s Service. Kalyani thinks Atharv will change Anupriya’s place now.

Kalyani’s companion Shatabdi and different women play sindoor khela. Atul clarifies that Shatabdi and her relatives came to play sindoor khela, it is favorable for the lady of the hour. Pandit ji says this is promising and says it is said that it is sindoor khela in bengali. Aao Saheb asks in what capacity would bride be able to play with sindoor before marriage. Pandit ji says it is favorable, however the sindoor will not be concerned her maang. Kalyani turns out wearing the saree in bengali clothing. She welcomes Shatabdi and requests that they begin the rasam. Atharv says my garments will not be destroyed. Malhar thinks what is happening in kalyani’s brain.

All of a sudden a substantial breeze comes. Every one of the women alarm. Kayani lifts her ghunghat and signs Malhar. She supposes you have halted Malhar, yet can’t stop me. Abruptly everybody sees hidden Kalyani tumbling down and go to her. Atul inquires as to whether she is fine? He takes her to room. Malhar gets stressed for her. Kalyani hacks. Atul requests that her wash her hands and take rest. Kalyani shuts the entryway. Atul discloses to Atharv that Kalyani will be fine. Malhar thinks what Kalyani is attempting to do. Kalyani is seen running out and about, prevents and wipes sindoor from her face. She sits in the rickshaw to go to eknath businesses. She contemplates this rasam to turn out and thanks the climate figure on her versatile. The woman going about as Kalyani lifts her shroud and she is Sampada. Sampada thinks Kalyani will return quick and no one will realize that I am inside the Pallu. A fb is appeared, kalyani comes to Sampada and tells that the two of them don’t need this marriage to occur. Sampada says she can’t see Atharv getting hitched. Kalyani requests her assistance. Sampada concurs. Fb closes.

Kalyani goes to the eknath manufacturing plants and thinks who is watching out for the industrial facility, as there is no one here. Sarthak comes there and discloses to Kalyani that he has effectively checked in the industrial facility as it is opened and no one is here. Kalyani gets stressed for Anupriya. She discovers her tissue there and checks in the vehicle left there. She attempts to break the decky. The man comes and tells the vehicle is his. Kalyani and Sarthak take keys from him. Kalyani opens the decky and discovers it is vacant. She says Aai isn’t here. The vehicle proprietor asks are you distraught to break the vehicle decky. Kalyani demonstrates Anupriya’s pic and inquires as to whether he saw her. The man tells that two men took her in the vehicle and told that she is unwell. Kalyani requests that he help her and assume her to the position where he dropped them. He consents to drop them there and takes them to Ahilya Nivas. He says this is the spot.

Precap: Atul tells kalyani that Atharv made the marriage courses of action in 60 minutes. Kalyani supposes she needs to get hitched for her Aai and begin taking rounds with him.

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