Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 12th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Saltanat Assures Zaroon

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The Episode begins with Kainat conversing with her father and revealing to him that she will wed Zaroon. She says I have delivered retribution on Saltanat, she will be stunned seeing my Nikaah with Zaroon. Mamoon reviews Miyajaan’s words and sees Zaroon. Zaroon says I recognize what you need to remind me, I know its Eid today and the time yo gave me has finished today, I realize you are furious on me. Mamoon says no, you have ventured over from the underlying point. Zaroon says I m attempting. Mamoon says you are coming up short, Kainat is getting hitched, Saltanat wouldn’t like to wed you, my fantasy won’t get satisfied, I needed to recover the lost property, if my child didn’t experience passionate feelings for and lose everything. Zaroon says I have lost a move, not the fight, Saltanat is mine, I will wed her.

Mamoon says I couldn’t care less on the off chance that you

win or lose, you will get any Saltanat, when the property leaves hands, you won’t get it, you asked personal time and I gave it, you think what to do, presently I will choose to recover this property, don’t have any expectations from me. Aashiq calls Kainat. She says for what reason is he calling me, did he get free from prison. She detaches the call. She gets the call again and answers. He says you have made a major showing, I got caught by your enchantment, let me know will I come to meet you. She inquires as to why. He says I need to settle scores, I have some work. She says I can’t come to meet you. He says however I can come, I have your messages and telephone recording, will I come there and improve the night. She says no, you won’t go this. He says I will send the location, I will hang tight for you, at that point… He chuckles. Saltanat considers Zaroon and comes to meet him. Sufiyana… ..plays… .

He asks what do you need from me, for what reason are you doing this, do your eyes lie or your lips, your eyes disclosed to me the reality of the situation, what’s reality, answer me, who has divided us, fine I will return to Canada far from your life, let me know in any event. She asks do you cherish me. He says a great deal. She asks do you confide in me. He says more than myself. She approaches would you be able to hang tight for me. He says until death. She says I guarantee you, my eyes and lips will advise all that you need to hear, yet not currently, once Hamza and Kainat’s marriage occurs, it would be ideal if you pause, I can’t utter a word until Kainat’s marriage occurs. He concurs. She goes.

Kainat comes and meets Ayub. She says I m discovering another person. He says I was sitting tight here for you, Kainat. She asks how would you know me. He says Aashiq is my man, I called him to call you here. She inquires as to why, its late. He says Aashiq won’t come before you currently, overlook him now. She inquires as to for what reason will he do this. He grins and says on the grounds that I will inconvenience you currently, don’t stress, I m not a criminal, I need your assistance. She asks what do you need. He says I adore Nilam, make me meet her and get to know, you know it, you cherish Zaroon, that is my reason, love. She inquires as to whether I reject at that point. He says then I will come up short your affection, think Zaroon will won’t wed you realizing you hijacked your Dada. He requests that her think well and goes.

Rubina reminds the customs to house cleaner and requests that her make haldi uptan well. Nilam hustles with the things. Ghazala says I have to converse with you. Rubina says we will discuss Kainat and Hamza’s marriage, we will commend well. Ghazala says it might get late. Nilam gets the dress for Kainat. Kainat says I can’t wear this dress. Nilam inquires as to why, did you get after Zaroon once more. Kainat says no, my companion guaranteed to send me haldi dress, her sibling will get it, I need you to conceal it from everybody and get it for me, if Hamza knows this, he will feel awful, I don’t need him to get agitated. Nilam says fine, where will I get this person. Kainat gives the telephone number and says call him home, his name is Jibraan Ayub. Nilam says fine, and goes. Zaroon meets Kainat and says I have seen out of the blue, that you are sending suit for man of the hour. Kainat says I got this for you, not Hamza. She says you came here for me, I have this privilege on me, if not marriage, love is there, wouldn’t you be able to wear this for the wellbeing of I, I need you to take an interest in the marriage as though my marriage is going on with you, not Hamza. He gets stunned.

Precap:Zaroon asks to what extent will you live in this fantasy. Kainat says until I get hitched, it would be ideal if you guarantee me to do this. He takes the suit.

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