Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kainat Plots Against Saltanat

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 11th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with everybody meeting on the event of Eid. Kainat comes there. She asks Saltanat to go to her. She makes Saltanat blessing Zaroon. He says I regard you all the more now Kainat. She supposes I need your affection. Zaroon wears the top and signs to Saltanat. Kainat endowments Hamza. They grin. Zaroon sees Saltanat. Everybody offers supplications in the mosque. Everybody embraces and wishes cheerful Eid. Rubina wishes everybody and furthermore Zaroon. She favors him. He requests his Eidi. Zainab says Eidi comes once per year, ask me anything in Eidi. Nilam says reconsider. Zainab says Eidi is your right, you can ask anything.

Nilam says then license me to tell everybody that you have made Saltanat swear. Zaroon says we will have a melodic game, I will take consent from Miyajaan. Rubina and Ghazala concur. Zainab

says its Saltanat and my issue. Nilam says you are fouling up with Saltanat. Zainab requests that her take consent from Saltanat. Miyajaan says I m going in Eid party. Jaan says even our family hosts kept a get-together. Miyajaan says I m going there. Jaan says you don’t think about it. Miyajaan says I realize the kids need to make some appearance and need me to pass judgment on them, prepare and come.

Zaroon clarifies the round of passing the bundle and its standards. He says the champ will say the condition and the person who loses need to acknowledge the condition. They play tunes and make the appearance. Rubina gets the pad. Everybody grins. Kainat sees Zaroon. Ishq sufiyana… plays… Saltanat and Zaroon play until end. Zaroon wins. Miyajaan says Zaroon has won. Rubina asks Zaroon to take Eidi from Saltanat. Zaroon says I need to know the individual who constrained Saltanat to dismiss my adoration. Zainab gets stressed. Everybody looks on.

Saltanat says we are making a showing for everybody’s satisfaction, for what reason would you like to ruin everybody’s night. Zaroon says its regarding our life, which is getting ruined, kindly don’t be calm today, let me know, who is it, who completed a thing like outcasts. She sees Zainab. He says don’t stress, take the name. Saltanat says you need to hear the name right, its me Saltanat. Zaroon says don’t delude me. She says don’t stop me, my folks have raised me like your folks raised you, nobody can make me label the privilege as off-base. Miyajaan says whatever you told, is that by your desire. She says indeed, I told that by my desire. Kainat grins. Miyajaan sees Zaroon. Zaroon blows up and goes. Miyajaan asks Mamoon to clarify Zaroon, love can’t be won by power. Kainat thinks my arrangement is working, Zaroon will abhor Saltanat, just I have a privilege on his adoration.

Precap:Kainat converses with her father’s pic. She giggles. She gets a call. She gets stunned.

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