Shakti 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Preeto Bashes Raavi For Organizing Soumya’s Birthday

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The Episode begins with Harman bringing Saya to his lobby and reveals to her that today is Soumya’s birthday and they are doing the game plans since morning. He says our romantic tale began when I captured her mixed up her to be Surbhi. Saya says Soumya went for employment and says I will converse with her. She calls Soumya. Vedant requests that her go now. Soumya picks the call. Saya reveals to her that Harman has sorted out her birthday festivities in a lobby and requests that her come there quick. Soumya takes a gander at Vedant and says I can’t come, I am on work. Raavi asks Harman to bring her. Saya says she won’t come. Harman accepts the call. Soumya closes the call. Harman says what she considers herself. Saya says she is Param Gurumaa now and need to do her duties well and requests that he get it. Harman gets steamed. Saya thinks Harman

adores her so much and preeto needs to isolate them even in the wake of knowing this.

Harak Singh brings gajra and makes Preeto wear it. He helps her to remember the old happenings. Preeto says we used to discuss children and dream. Harak Singh says we don’t reserve the option to break our fantasies and says this separation dramatization, and asks what was the need to isolate Harman and Soumya, he says they will never separate. Preeto inquires as to whether Rajat let you know. Harak Singh says our family will break and asks her not to do anything. Preeto takes out the gajra and provides for him. She says whatever she is doing is correct. Saya discloses to them that Soumya is vulnerable and can’t come. Preeto and Shanno come there. Preeto takes a gander at Saya furiously and afterward at the designs and Soumya’s picture. She drives the table down. Raavi asks what’s happening with you and attempts to stop her. Preeto says what is the utilization of this. Shanno smiles. Preeto ruins the beautifications. Harman leaves in displeasure. Shanno says you would have disclosed to us that Maharani’s birthday is praised here so we would have come to have cake. Raavi asks what you will get by breaking the things. Preeto requests that her come else she will break her moreover. She hauls her to bring home.

Vedant dozes. Soumya puts medication syrup in his mouth quietly. She awakens him and requests that he drink water. He beverages water. Soumya says she is returning home. Following day, Soumya prepares to go to Vedant’s home. Saya asks when did you come the previous evening? Soumya says 4 am. Saya inquires as to why you didn’t come and tells that Harman was particularly tormented. Soumya says even I was tormented. Harman comes there and yells calling everybody. Band is played. Harman says yesterday was Soumya’s birthday who is Soham’s mom and that is the reason he brought cake. He makes the kinnars have cake. Soumya turns out and takes a gander at him. Noore Khuda plays… .Chameli takes the cake piece and asks Soumya to have cake, says it is of your birthday. Soumya will not have cake. Harman asks Chameli to reveal to her that in the event that she don’t eat the cake, at that point his age will get diminish. Soumya eats the cake and tells that she will give her life to him. Harman says you don’t possess energy for me and asks how she will give her age to him. Soumya goes. Preeto reproves Sindhu for supporting Soumya. Shanno inquires as to for what reason are you yelling her and requests that her reprove Raavi. She says it must be Raavi’s thought. Raavi says what’s going on in this and says we have done this for Soumya, who was Maa’s laadli and today she has turned into an outsider for Maa. Harak Singh asks Raavi to go to her room. Preeto asks Raavi on the off chance that you don’t comprehend for what good reason she is awful? Raavi says I comprehend that your past came infront of you as a result of you, that man kicked the bucket in our home and Pandit ji proclaimed you as widow. She says for you Soumya has turned out to be liable. She says however Soumya is only her bhabhi for her and she is doing what a nanand will accomplish for her bhabhi. Preeto is going to slap her, yet Harak Singh holds her hand.

He requests that her quiet down. Preeto says she is scouring Soumya’s made dark glue all over. She asks you are remaining here even after your marriage and saying this. Raavi says she will go out, however won’t leave supporting Soumya. Preeto says you got hitched twice, yet couldn’t set up your home once. Harak Singh attempts to stop Raavi, however Raavi asks him not to stop her on the off chance that he supposes Soumya is right. She goes out. Harak Singh says since bahurani left, nothing is fine. Mr. Bansal calls Harak Singh. Soumya comes there, yet don’t listen him.

He requests that he go to his home. Harak Singh says I will send my child. Mr. Bansal requests that he accompany him. Harak singh says alright and discloses to Veeran that Mr. Bansal may give him enormous request. Harman gets back home. Sindhu educates him that Raavi left home. Harman says he has nothing to do with anybody. Preeto solicits what kind from sibling would he say he is? He says he has nothing to do with anybody going out. Harak Singh approaches Harman to accompany him for the huge request.

Precap: Mr. Bansal asks Soumya to make courses of action as certain visitors are coming. Soumya concurs. Harman comes to Mr. Bansal’s home.

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