Raja Beta 12th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Purva Seeks Pankhudi’s Help

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The Episode begins with Purva calling Pankhudi. Pankhudi says she is going to OT and closures the call. Purva feels pushed and considers old pressure treatment. She minds her telephone for the sustenance and thinks to have dahi papdi chaat taking a gander at the pic. Gomti asks Manjula what happened to Purva. Sumiti says this occurs during such time and gives her precedent. She asks Manjula to ask Vedant. Manjula says they will let us know whether there is something to share. Vedant is considering Purva. Pankhudi comes and requests that he eat with her. He says he isn’t eager. Pankhudi attempts to persuade her and tells that whatever happened can’t be overlooked and whatever Di wasn’t right. Vedant says she will get an opportunity to amend her slip-up. Pankhudi says yet… Vedant gets some information about premature birth and says I can’t

murder an infant for my better future. Pankhudi says how might you acknowledge another person infant. Vedant says my family will think me frail and giggle at me, however I can’t conflict with my Dada ji’s siddhant and won’t execute the child. Pankhudi reveals to him that she is with him.

Purva is going out. Gomti stops her and asks where is she going? Purva says she is going out to have dahi chaat. Manjula discloses to her that she will make anything she desires and asks her not to have outside nourishment. Pankhudi comes to room and inquires as to whether he needs to break some record by giving her 99 missed calls. Sanju says he isn’t getting endometriosis and requests that her educate him. Pankhudi says she is a specialist and don’t have sufficient energy to instruct him. Sanju says he is screwed over thanks to the subject and requests that her instruct him. Pankhudi yells at him and put-down him seriously, calling him futile to live on his dad’s cash. She says no young lady will wed him and requests that he procure some cash. Purva goes to Pankhudi’s room and says you think about Rahul and me. She says I did my life’s greatest slip-up by trusting Rahul and this child turned into the discipline of her error. She says she says she don’t need this child. Pankhudi asks did you converse with Vedant? Purva says he would prefer not to prematurely end the infant. Pankhudi asks would you like to turn into a mother? Purva says she needs to end up mum, and needs to begin family with Vedant cheerfully. She says Vedant has would not support me, yet I am certain that my sister will support me. She asks will you help me? Pankhudi says Dr. Vedant declined for premature birth and requests that her take the correct choice with quiet personality. Purva says I have figured enough and need to give my opportunity to Vedant and our marriage. She requests that her concur being her sister. Pankhudi says I can comprehend as a sister and says on the off chance that you prematurely end this infant at this stage, at that point you may have confusion in future. Purva says she is prepared. Pankhudi says I need at some point to think.

Gomti reveals to Sumiti that Purva’s indications resemble fourth months pregnancy. She asks Sumiti to check the date and advise her. Sumiti says fourth month has quite recently begun so how she achieved fourth month as of now. Pankhudi supposes she won’t do this premature birth, thinking about Purva’s words that she needs to begin family with Vedant. Purva thinks Pankhudi will concur. She is going to fall. Vedant comes and holds her. He causes her to sit on the bed and checks her BP. In the wake of checking BP, he checks her heartbeat. Purva says you won’t take a gander at me now and says we have turned out to be far before the landing of this child and asks what will occur after he comes. Vedant requests that her have tablets on schedule. Purva asks would i be able to meet my better half now on the off chance that he has time. Vedant gets up bombshell and says he will message the solution. Purva supposes she can’t give the separation a chance to come in their marriage.

Gomti and Sumiti come to kitchen. Sumiti inquires as to why they are not letting us know. Manjula says might be they are not advising because of the awful sight dread or might be Purva is having food contamination. Vedant comes to room and goes to washroom. Manjula comes there and requests that her eat the sustenance. She applies oil to her feet. Purva asks her not to contact her feet. Vedant comes there. Manjula asks Vedant to have nourishment. She discloses to Purva that she comprehends that she is pregnant and requests that her determine what is the issue? Vedant says we will let you know once the report comes and asks her not to take strain. Manjula says alright and leaves.

Precap: Purva asks Pankhudi what’s going on in this choice. Pankhudi says I am a specialist and won’t do this fetus removal. She says Dr. Vedant believes that all kids reserve the option to come in this world so I think the equivalent.

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