Raja Beta 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Vedant Disagrees With Purva’s Decision To Abort Baby

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The Episode begins with Dadi getting some information about Purva. Vedant says she is having food contamination. Dadi says I confide in you more than the reports. He gets a call and goes to medical clinic. Patient’s significant other requests that her spare his better half. Vedant requests that he unwind. Dr. Rashmi briefs Vedant about the patient and says other specialist exhorted her for fetus removal, she didn’t decide on it. Patient helps Vedant to remember his words that he said that each kid has the privilege to come in this world. Vedant requests that her unwind and says your child will come in this world. Vedant works on the patient, infant kid is conceived. He turns out and reveals to Patient’s significant other that the two his better half and warrior child are fine. Dr. Rashmi and Pankhudi leave OT. Dr. Rashmi acknowledges Vedant and calls him hero. Gomti and sumiti wager about Purva’s pregnancy.

Gomti says if Vedant couldn’t get some answers concerning her pregnancy when he held her hand. Sanju comes and requests that they discover. Dadi comes and asks them not to make their mind ponies run. Pankhudi is in the restroom and thinks Purva will be in stun and Vedant will be left with no choice than to go to her. She says fate, time and conditions are to support her and she will exploit all the circumstance. Vedant thinks about Purva’s lipstick and figures in what capacity would abortion be able to be the answer for this. Pankhudi comes there and tells that she knows reality that this infant isn’t yours. Vedant gets up incredibly. Pankhudi says the manifestations which she is having don’t occur in the beginning periods and she disclosed to me that you both have any connection and before you she had… Vedant requests that her stop it. He asks her not to tell anybody. Pankhudi figures how you will bear Purva who is conveying another person infant, I won’t let you overlook this.

Purva is in the room. Vedant comes there and is going to put on something else. Purva gets some information about what I stated, will you bolster me, on the off chance that we will spare our marriage. Vedant says since when we have turned out to be narrow minded that we are considering ourselves. Purva says she is contemplating them. Vedant says I am a gynaec and strolls on Dada ji’s Siddhant. He says why she is requesting that he execute the blameless infant. Purva inquires as to whether they can endure the child who is somebody’s oversight. Vedant says you have done misstep and not this child. He gets some information about premature birth infront of him and inquires as to why you need to execute this infant. Purva says she completed a slip-up and confided in a wrong person. She says she got hitched to him by her heart and 7 rounds were remaining. Vedant says I would prefer not to tune in, I simply realize that God has chosen to acquire this infant this world and no one has the privilege to slaughter him. He goes furiously. Purva says my choice is not quite the same as yours, I would prefer not to do another slip-up in my life. She says she will prematurely end the infant.

Afterward, Vedant comes to room and goes to washroom. Purva figures for what reason did he divert his face from me and thinks how to cause him to get it. He turns out and goes. Purva thinks to leave this circumstance regardless of whether she needs to hurt him for at some point. Ramesh goes to Pankhudi’s room. Pankhudi says so Sanju took in this from you. Ramesh inquires as to whether your sister is pregnant. Pankhudi asks she doesn’t have the foggiest idea. Ramesh coerces her demonstrating her video to her wherein she is admitting her affection to Vedant. Pankhudi reveals to him that Purva is pregnant. Ramesh says I will murder the child. Pankhudi says I am quiet and that implies game is still in our court and requests that her hold up until she discovers. Ramesh signs alright. Sumiti reveals to Gomti that she heard Purva regurgitating throughout the night. Gomti inquires as to why she don’t state? Pankhudi thinks take insight from me and professes to converse with a patient. She says these side effects are 4 months pregnancy. Sumiti inquires as to whether she doesn’t think about Purva’s pregnancy. Pankhudi says Dr. Vedant came. She goes with him. Purva comes and gets some information about Pankhudi. Sumiti says she went with Vedant. Manjula requests that her sit and have nourishment. Purva sits to have upma, yet gets spewing sensation. She discloses to Manjula that she can’t have ghee smell sustenance.

Vedant is driving the vehicle and is going to hit the vehicle. Pankhudi yells. He stops the vehicle. She requests that he share his agony. Vedant says Purva and I became hopelessly enamored with one another, however at this point the relatives chuckle at them first. He says I was constantly more interesting for them and after this tyke, I will go 4 stages a long way from them.

Precap: Vedant tells that he can’t foul up with the child. Pankhudi says I am with you.

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