Raja Beta 10th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Purva Shares Her Pain With Vedant

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The Episode begins with Vedant is going out and tells that Purva was stressed. Sanju asks Pankhudi what befell your sister. Pankhudi says test should be finished. Sanju says what may be the reason. He says everybody is expecting that she is pregnant. Pankhudi asks who needs to turn into the specialist quick. Sanju says everybody. Pankhudi says manifestations can be of numerous illnesses. Sanju says even pregnancy. Pankhudi requests that he ask Vedant. Sanju holds her hand as she is going to leave. Dadi comes and reminds Sanju that they are not hitched yet. Purva gains cognizance. Pankhudi discloses to her that Vedant gave her infusion to make her rest. Purva inquires as to whether Vedant came to realize that I am pregnant. She is stunned. Gomti, Sumiti and Manjula come there with sustenance. Manjula makes her beverage soup. Pankhudi thinks everybody is showering

love now and will affront and show you out, till then appreciate. Sumiti tells that they are experienced. Purva says my head is tormenting. Dadi comes and requests that everybody go. She asks Purva to rest. Pankhudi asks Purva to have drug and says Dr. Vedant endorsed it. Purva requests that her go and says I need to rest.

Sanju discloses to Ramesh that Pankhudi said that the ailment can be anything. Purva is in her room and goes to washroom. She scrubs down under the shower and looked Rahul on their marriage day. She reviews her marriage with Vedant and their adoration. She inquires as to why this is going on with me, I completed a slip-up and confided in a wrong person, I have completed a mix-up then why Vedant is getting rebuffed. She says he caused me to comprehend the significance of affection and gave me so much love that I overlooked the torment. She supposes how to offer him agony and reprieve his fantasy of upbeat family. She says Vedant won’t get rebuffed and won’t pay for my slip-ups.

Afterward, she is remaining close to the window, Vedant comes and asks how are you? He says you will approve of the drugs and requests that her keep the nourishment light. Purva says I am sorry Vedant. She says I saw today what you are attempting to ask me today. She says you may have seen, however I came to know today itself that I am pregnant. Vedant says on the off chance that you had not thought that you are pregnant. Purva says I didn’t comprehend the manifestations, my month to month cycle has been sporadic so she never believed that she is pregnant. Vedant inquires as to whether she implies what this pregnancy implies. Purva says my past came later on, she says I believed a wrong person and our connection is getting rebuffed. Vedant says truth is that the child is between us, this is a mind-blowing truth. Purva says we can’t change reality, however in the event that we need, at that point can change our predetermination. She says we can change our future. Vedant says we are not the only one in this world and numerous individuals are associated with us and their emotions. Purva says I am associated with you and you are with me, says I adore you definitely and can’t envision my existence without you. Vedant shuts his eyes. Purva says you adored me overlooking my past, however this thing is of my past and inquires as to whether they can’t overlook this as an awful dream and says everybody will get another opportunity. Vedant says Purva you…

Purva holds his hand and says she needs to begin family with him and tells that she doesn’t need this infant who isn’t required. She says we have no alternative than to prematurely end this infant. Vedant gets up amazingly. Purva requests that he think for all intents and purposes and says this child brings agony and terrible recollections and in particular on the off chance that he will be upbeat in this world. She says we will deal with our connection at the opportune time. Dadi comes there and thumps on the entryway. Purva wipes her tears and grins. Dadi inquires as to whether Purva is better. Vedant says yes. He says blood test is done and inquires as to whether she have prescription. Dadi says no. Vedant takes her to cause her to have prescription. Dadi sits on her bed and tells that her fingers are tormenting. He inquires as to whether there is a major issue with Purva. Vedant says it appears as though food contamination and says reports are pending. He asks her not to stress. Dadi says I believe you and your heartbeat testing method more than reports.

Precap: Pankhudi thinks to exploit the circumstance completely. She comes to Vedant and says I realize that this child isn’t yours. Vedant stands up incredibly.

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