Pyaar Ke Papad 12th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Shivika Rescues Gupta

Pyaar Ke Papad 12th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Shivika calling Brij and giving the uplifting news that Devki is out of trance state. He says that is extremely an uplifting news, Triloki won’t be glad seeing you there. She says I know, I won’t become an obstacle in his bliss, get father here, I will leave soon, request that father get mum’s fav saree with the goal that mum returns home in her fav. saree. She sees Devki. Omkar says things are getting fine, everything will get fine. Shivika says its a major day, I would prefer not to be vexed or make anybody upset. She embraces Devki. Devki attempts to state. Shivika says I will come at night. She goes. Brij says Devki is out of trance like state. Triloki gets excessively glad and embraces Deenu and Shalu. Brij says I got a call from the clinic. Triloki says we will go there. Brij says youngsters can go later. Triloki says your mum is getting back home,

meet her at home. Alankar comes. Triloki says Alankar, Devki is cognizant at this point. Brij asks Alankar aren’t you distraught. Alankar says I m cheerful, I will go to Banaras to say thanks to Lord. Triloki says let Devki get back home. Alankar says it will be past the point of no return. Triloki asks Alankar to remain at home and fare thee well. He goes. Alankar says I will end this game.

Omkar sees some battle going on. He asks Shivika to return home, he will come. She requests that he be cautious. She returns home and sees smoke inside. She gets stunned seeing the flame. She sees Gupta inside the flame. She yells to everybody and goes in to spare Gupta. Everybody comes and gets stunned. Shivika gets Gupta out. He hacks and signs to the cabinet. He attempts to state. Shivika returns inside the flame. They yell. Omkar comes and gets stunned seeing flame. They attempt to pass over the flame. He asks where is Shivika. Jaya says she headed inside.

He gets stunned and yells to Shivika. He heads inside and gets her out. She hacks. Jagat requests that Maya get water. Gupta sees Shivika with the stuff. Jaya inquires as to for what reason did you hop in flame and place us in pressure. They see Omkar’s mum’s pic and the marriage dress. Gupta says its the last pic of my better half. Shivika beverages water. Gupta says Shivika took a chance with her life for this. They all get passionate. Shivika says its mum’s last sign, she is still with you. He sees the consume mark on her hand and cries.

Gupta says my resentment got scorched in this flame, I wasn’t right about you, you spared this. Shivika says I realize you had dreams for Omkar’s marriage, anybody will feel awful for this. Gupta favors her and acknowledges her as bahu. Jaya looks on. Shivika says its a decent day for me, my mum is out of trance like state. They all grin. Shivika says I will proceed to meet mum at night. Jagat says beyond any doubt. Gupta favors her. Omkar grins. Triloki cries seeing Devki and converses with her. She holds his hand. He says only two individuals can come and meet you, I will ask Alankar to get Shalu and Deenu here. She signs him. He asks would you like to state something, let me know. He yells to specialist. Specialist asks Devki not to take any weight. He makes Triloki out. Devki stresses.

Precap:Alankar attempts to murder Devki. Shivika and Omkar go to the medical clinic.

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