Pyaar Ke Papad 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Devki Comes Out Of Coma

Pyaar Ke Papad 11th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Jaya thinking about her arrangements and grinning. Jagat questions her. She gives him strange answers and misleads rest. She supposes to show a thing or two to Shivika. She proceeds to see Omkar in kitchen. She supposes possibly Shivika is irate and didn’t come to make sustenance. She asks Omkar what’s going on with he, for what reason is he making espresso. Mikki says its for Shivika. Jaya says its your better half’s work. Omkar says both a couple should help one another. He asks Mikki to offer it to Shivika. Mikki takes it and sees the note. Shivika asks did you make this. Mikki says Omkar has made this and included the sorry note. Shivika inquires as to why. Omkar says I have committed some error, that is the reason sorry. He is sorry. Shivika says I will have the espresso for Mikki’s grin. She misses Devki and gets dismal.

Jaya asks Shivika to come ground floor. Alankar returns home. Omkar says I asked you not to come here. Alankar says don’t blow up, I came here to take Shivika to clinic. Omkar says she won’t accompany you. She says I will go to clinic and meet mum. Jaya grins and thinks to fuel the flame. Omkar leaves. Shivika says I will go to clinic myself, a debt of gratitude is in order for intuition for me, and still, after all that I will go alone. Omkar grins. Alankar says fine, as you think that its right. He goes.

GST sees Alankar and jokes on him. Alankar blows up observing the bicycle tire level. Omkar grins. GST says I didn’t do this, another person would have done this. Shivika goes to meet Devki. Omkar comes to give her a lift and requests that her proceed with her annoyance later, its demon to meet Devki now. She doesn’t get any auto and goes with him. Alankar sees them and blows up.

Shivika asks Devki to get fine soon. Shivika’s tear falls on her hand. Devki moves her finger. Specialist says its a positive sign. He checks Devki. Specialist says uplifting news, she is leaving trance state. Shivika cheerfully embraces Omkar. He says Devki will get fine soon. Alankar comes there. Devki attempts to talk. Alankar catches wind of Devki and gets stressed. He sees Devki with Shivika. Shivika asks Devki to take rest, they will talk later. Shivika says truly, we are here. She expresses gratitude toward Lord. Omkar says Devki will get fine. Alankar blows up and leaves from that point. Shivika calls Triloki to educate him. He doesn’t reply.

Precap:Fire gets lit in a room. Shivika is caught inside. Omkar and everybody attempt to save her.

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