Pyaar Ke Papad 10th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Jaya Ruins Shivika’s Hardwork

Pyaar Ke Papad 10th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Shivika seeing the time and beginning to cook. She makes numerous dishes in solitude. Omkar stresses for her. Jaya prevents him from going to Shivika. Maya says Shivika is working so rapidly. Jaya sees her. Shivika says only couple of things are left at this point. Gupta gets the smell of the wonderful sustenance and sees Shivika cooking in the kitchen. Omkar grins. Shivika drops the hot container and thinks the dish tumbled down, what will I do now. Omkar gets GST and goes out to talk. Jaya asks Mikki to see Shivika is cooking, sit tight for quite a while. Shivika attempts to plan nourishment quick. Mangal asks Shivika to offer sustenance to Gupta. Jaya says we will keep sustenance for bhog first and after that feed Gupta. Shivika says I will disclose to them that I can’t make pay bhaji once more.

Omkar thumps the window. He says I got pau bhaji, tell Bhabhi

that you have made this. She says I won’t lie. He says one untruth won’t make any difference, you made pau bhaji and the skillet tumbled down, you have no opportunity to make it once more, its about everybody’s bliss, one falsehood doesn’t make a difference. She concurs. Jaya says it is difficult to oversee kitchen, I didn’t get Omkar’s significant other by my decision. Shivika gets the nourishment and says sorry, I got bit late. Everybody gets cheerful and go to eat. Jaya goes to check in kitchen. She sees Omkar and asks what are you doing here, proceed to have sustenance, I will put bhog and come. He conceals the pau bhaji bundle and goes. She supposes to ruin the nourishment.

Everybody eats the sustenance and like it. Jagat offers nek to Shivika for making delicious sustenance. They all commendation the nourishment notwithstanding when its fiery. Gupta hacks. Shivika requests that they take halwa. Gupta says its zesty. Shivika says I didn’t include stew. Jaya tastes and says its exceptionally hot. Omkar gets thinking. Gupta leaves the sustenance. Maya says Gupta eats straightforward sustenance, with no flavor. Shivika says I truly include the flavor. Jaya says you will dependably persuade them, you mean I have included the bean stew powder. She cries and causes a ruckus. Omkar apologizes. He asks Shivika to acknowledge her error. Shivika says its not my misstep, I m saying reality. Jagat says zest gets pretty much. Jaya faults Shivika.

Shivika contends with Omkar for demolishing the sustenance. Omkar says you need to acknowledge misstep to end the issue. Shivika says its not my error, I dislike you, fine I included the stew powder in the nourishment, I ought to get rebuffed. She eats the chillis and cries. Omkar races to get water. She says all of you are in agony as a result of me. She says I m saying reality, I didn’t include more bean stew powder. He asks her to simply tune in. He goes to his room and grins seeing the room’s change. He asks did you do this. She says truly, you can keep your room any way you like. He says its our room now, you have enlivened it with affection, it looks so great, the beneficial thing is you acknowledged this room. She says I acknowledged our connection too. She goes. He grins.

Precap:Alankar comes to take Shivika to the clinic. Omkar says she won’t go with you. Shivika says I will go to meet mum. Jaya grins and thinks to fuel the flame.

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