Phagun Bou 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Mahul Confronts Bibi

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In the most recent scene of Phagun Bou, Bibi and Bidhumukhi return home and they demonstrate every one of the articles they have purchased. Mohul is obviously disturbed and inquires as to why they didn’t take her.

Bidhumukhi takes a stab at staying away from the subject and says she would not like to trouble Mohul, since she was worn out. Mohul, who knows the genuine reason, asks her whether they went to Ghosh family unit.

Bidhumukhi stays silent and clarifies how they figured breaking the ice between the families would help Mohul and Roddur to begin over again.

Mohul, who a couple of minutes back got the separation notice sent by Roddur, demonstrates the reports to them. They get stunned taking a gander at the papers. Bidhumukhi is unfit to acknowledge the reality and says Roddur has guaranteed them to go to the wedding and he can’t send the notice.

She supposes the notice may have sent some time before they went to meet Roddur’s family. In any case, Mohul pronounces that she will sign the separation take note.

In the interim, Roddur takes Mili to an eatery subsequent to finishing every single fundamental convention of legitimately embracing the child. He asks Mili to have something however she is as yet miffed with Roddur. While, Mili attempts to demonstrate that it is Roddur’s choice to take every one of the duties of her infant, the last says he will never prevent any from securing his duty.

At the point when Mili attempts to meddle in Roddur’s own life, he requests that her stay away.

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