Patiala Babes 12th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Minnie Insults Mita

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Mickey with Preet hangs tight for Shalini at roadside coffeehouse and says Minnie is in every case late. Preet says let us abandon her and they can go AC market to have talk. Mickey says he has some work. Minnie strolls in saying ‘sorry’ and educates that school is off today, so if Mickey can go with her to AC market to purchase mic. Mickey joyfully concurs and says his companion bargains in gadgets there. Preet shouts he would not like to when she requested that he go with her to have visit. Minnie says she has broken leg and should rest. Preet indignantly approaches Mickey to get auto for her. Minnie strolls home to get cash from Babes.

Mita strolls to Babita’s home and rings entryway chime. Babita opens entryway. Mita inquires as to whether Minnie is at home, she needs to talk. Babita takes her in. Minnie strolls in approaching cash for her

camera mic. Mita welcomes her and expresses gratitude toward her for her assistance. Minnie says she would have done same for any other individual as her mom trained her to be caring on everybody despite the fact that if the individual has hurt us, in reality she helped a young doggie once and brought it home, so Mita ought not express gratitude toward her and should quit meddling in their lives. Mita unfortunately leaves. After at some point, Minnie with Mickey attempts to purchase mic from Mickey’s companion who statements 2000 rs. She deals. He demonstrates another for 800 rs with just a half year legitimacy. She says she needs 2000 rs one yet has just 1000 rs. He says won’t get same quality mic for 1000 rs in entire market. She inquires as to whether they should check different shops. Mita strolls to her platitude she ought not settle on quality and offers her cash. She hollers at Mita to quit meddling in her falsehood. Mita inquires as to whether the can’t be companions. Minnie says no and never and keeps offending her. Mita unfortunately leaves once more. Minnie returns home and advises Babita what Mita did. Babita indignantly yells by what method can Mita meddle in her little girl’s life. Minnie says she verbally impacted Mita. Babita requests that her proceed to purchase same mic. Minnie says she will show signs of improvement one for less cost. Babita says it is question of her notoriety and giving her 4000 rs requests to purchase that mic. Minnie says she doesn’t need to substantiate herself and Mita does not realize that her Babes is her closest companion and the two of them are mainstay of every one’s life, and so forth..

Biji inquires as to whether she is going to Amritsar tomorrow. Beautiful says yes to Gurdwara as Sukhi landed position in Babita’s organization. Biji then asks Ashok to take her and his dad to Gurdwara tomorrow. Ashok says he is occupied and she can pass by taxi, he will pay. Biji sits tragically. Dadaji strolling from behind showers rises on her and wishes her glad wedding commemoration. She says it is tomorrow. He says so what, regardless he recalls their big day and wedded a petite multi year old young lady. Biji says her companions supplemented that he looked like Dharmendra. Dadaji says she looked like Basanti. Biji says between their kids’ battle, they lost their true serenity, their kids don’t recall their wedding commemoration. Dadaji additionally feels pitiful.

Minnie returns home. Babita inquires as to whether she purchased mic. Minnie indicates Dadaji and Biji’s commemoration blessing, transistor and bangles. Babita inquires as to whether she did nit purchase mic. Minnie says mic and says it is superior to marked one. She inquires as to whether she overlooked Biji and Dadaji’s birthday. Babita demonstrates her getting ready pecan cake for them. Biji says it needs broiler. Hanuman strolls in conveying substantial pack and says Minnie’s Babes got the hang of requesting things on the web, this one isn’t under 50 kg. Minnie opens box and discovers broiler. Hanuman inquires as to whether she plans cake at home. Babita says Minnie causes her dependably. Minnie says this time she can’t as Mickey is coming to pick her, so Hanuman uncle can support her. Hanuman says he is additionally great cook, she can ask Lala. Babita stands apprehensively. Hanuman inquires as to whether they can begin.

Precap: Minnie keeps mic on and leaves. Hanuman express his affection for Babita before Lala. It gets recorded.

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