Nimki Mukhiya 8th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Babbu Lose His Cool

Nimki Mukhiya 8th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Abhi says I should leave. Nimki acts like in agony, he races to her. Nimki says I am kidding. Residents come there to express sorry to learn. Resident says we are with you Nimki, they bring mangoes for her. Nimki says I will change garments, she leaves. Abhi grins and says she is an insane young lady, we won’t let Babbu run now, he should pay for his errors.

Babbu is in vehicle. Jewel requests that he come inside, he requests that he head inside. Ritu and Sweety see them. Sweety says I used to dream about playing with Babbu’s children however I am nauseated with that idea now. Ritu holds her hand and says I am prepared to turn into a dad. Sweety slaps him. Ritu gets her and says nobody is here to hear your shouts. He attempts to drive himself on her.

Precious stone meets Mai. Mai says Babbu is furious,

he is outside. Mai comes to gallery and asks Babbu to come in house. He goes in house. Ritu gets Sweety and says lets see who wins.

Mauha is rubbing Nimki’s back. Mauha says once Babbu gets rebuffed, I will find a sense of contentment, we should think about some other way.. this child.. Nimki says dont begin once more, I am doing everything after an idea. Tunee comes there and says sustenance is prepared. Nimki says did you make it? He says no yet I have brought both your top choices. They come in parlor to eat together. Dumri serves them. Nimki feels torment and goes to vomit. Dumri says dont stress, she is fine. Mauha says this torment is with her forever. All get tragic.

Scene 2

In morning, One mailman asks Dublo to give him blessing as Babbu will be a dad. Mai yells at him to leave. Dublo says entire world knows now. Rekha says my family knows as well, you cannot stop everybody talking, Nimki will bring forth child and you wont almost certainly stop them all. Mai gets strained. Rekha leaves. Mai calls Jhariya and requests that he bring Nimki’s dai (town’s specialist), she says no one should think about this.

Mauha discloses to Nimki that young men were prodding Mono in school about you and Abhi. Dumri comes there and sees Mono cleaning house. Nimki says I used to work as well. Mauha requests that he proceed to think about. Tunee comes there with records. He says I have a news, Babbu had a battle in lodging yesterday, Nimki says so my message is contacting individuals? It will be fun at this point.

Babbu is doing push ups. Ritu comes there and says you are irate? I am irate as well, we won the case however. Babbu says yet at the same time Nimki is battling. Ritu says you are dealing with well, you ought to overlook her. Babbu says you need me to stay quiet? Ritu says you figure she will bring forth this infant? No, she is simply annihilating your name, Abhi is hanging tight for her as well, he simply needs Nimki to lose this infant so he can wed her, he will never acknowledge this infant. Babbu says like awful man can do anything awful, great man can do anything great and it will be terrible for us so I wont give it a chance to occur, he grins.

PRECAP-Mai offers cash to Nimki’s dai and requests that her do her work.Nimki’s dai blends some powder in her juice and offers it to Nimki.

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