Mere Sai 10th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Eknath Gifts His Life’s Savings To Shantaram

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Eknath sits tight for his child Shantaram to till late night and when he comes, he gives his retirement reserve to his child. Shantaram inquires as to whether he needs him to keep it securely. Eknath says it is up to Shantsram to spare it or spend it, presently he is resigned and needs to consume a quiet time on earth. Shantaram joyfully contacts Eknath’s feet and strolls in. Usha watches this raging and serves Shataram sustenance. Shantaram gestures of recognition taste and seeing her glaring face asks reason. She says everybody got something with baba/Eknath’s arrival; Ananand got his granddad, Aayi/Nirmala got her better half, and Shantaram recovered his dad, however she got just additional work. He requests that her be explicit. She clarifies how Eknatth solicited her to take care from family work and let her sasumaa/Nirmala carry on with a resigned life, at that point griped about hot

nourishment, and so forth. She asks when he adulated taste, why baba make such a major issue, she is burnt out on working entire day and can’t endure Baba’s fits. Shantaram says baba is out-dated and she should bear him by one way or another. Usha keeps hollering. Sai watches it by means of his godlikeness and Eknath’s choice of quiet resigned life gives moral gyaan that till they are alive they have to work and one ought not talk which others won’t care for, and so on. Next morning, Eknath feels exhausted sitting inert. Anand completes his homework and plays find the stowaway with Eknath. Usha gets envious seeing that and chastens Anand to proceed to consider. Anand says he completed as of now. Usha says baba has extra time, yet others are occupied, he himself advised to deal with house and Anand, Anand gives pardons and does not have any desire to ponder. Eknath asks Anand to study and dependably comply with his mom. Anand concurs.

Sai is caught up with watering plant in Dwarkamayi when a woman brings his evil spouse. Sai gives him water. Woman clarifies her trial that following 2 months of marriage, her better half is sick after her dad in-law kicked the bucket; her significant other and father-in-law used to battle, however after dad in-law’s demise, her significant other went into discouragement and his condition crumbled; she sold every one of their advantages for fix him and now they don’t have a spot to remain; somebody recommended to meet Sai, so she came here to look for Sai’s assistance. Sai clarifies spouse’s concern in detail. Woman inquires as to whether her better half will recover. Sai says his treatment can’t occur here and takes them along. At Srikanth’s home, he instructs Math to Govinda. Chihu approaches them to rest for at some point and offers mangoes. Srikanth says Govinda won’t get anything until he takes care of Math issue himself. Govinda quietly attempts to get away. Srikanth turns his ear. Sai enters with sick man and his significant other. Srikanth and Chihu welcome him. Sai says this man is sick and he is taking him for treatment and since man is sick and can’t walk further in the event that he can rest here. Srikanth concurs. Sai causes man and his significant other to sit on bed. Chihu offers them water. Spouse takes and says she will encourage her better half. Govinda grumbles Sai that baba/Srikanth dependably rebuffs him, he makes him learn at school and even at home, when will he unwind. Srikanth says he acts extreme on him with the goal that his instruction base ought to be solid, he even brings presents for him on the off chance that he concentrates well, inquires as to whether he didn’t bring him toys when he got great checks in last tests of the year. Govinda concurs. Sick man thinks back his dad chiding him in youth and afterward spoiling him with endowments and clarifying he is concerned for his future. He cries vivaciously. Srikanth asks what befell him. Sai says old injuries are recuperating, given him a chance to cry. Man says his dad was likewise hard on him stressed for his future, yet he misconstrued his dad; presently his dad isn’t alive and he is atoning for his errors. Sai supports him.

Eknath gets exhausted perusing same books and watches Usha washing utensils. He sees solid earth on 1 vessel and asks Usha to bring salt and tamarind. She gets shouting mind. He washes utensil saying he is free and she can do some different tasks. Neighbor women stop and insult about Usha seeing this. Usha blows up observing that and hollers at Eknath as a primary concern.

Precap: Eknath hears Usha and Shantaram grumbling Nirmala against him that baba meddles in all things and is alarming them a ton.

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