Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 12th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Jaya Convinces Samar To Marry Shalini

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Samar stands up to Shalini that she figured she will enter his life and ruin it effectively, he won’t stay silent and return. Rama strolls in yelling at Samar. Shalini expresses gratitude toward Rama for coming and thinks back mentioning Rama to pursue her vehicle as Samar must go about as tolerating her and her child. Out of flashback, she cries that Samar attempted to execute her. Samar discloses to Rama that it was a dramatization. Rama slaps him and says however it was a dramatization, consider the possibility that somebody was harmed, she didn’t give him this sort of childhood. He attempts, yet she keeps reproving him and says Shalini will rebuff him. Shalini says it is alright if Samar apologizes her. Rama (who got chance after numerous days to convey exchanges) demands Samar to apologize Shalini. Samar says no. Rama brings stick and beats him and gives her guarantee.

Samar says he is saying ‘sorry’ because of her guarantee and apologizes Shalini. Rama asks Shalini to return home. Jaya observes entire dramatization covering up.

Rama returns home with Rama and attempts to clarify, yet she (like Satya) gets resolute. Jaya strolls in with her pack. Family is astonished to see her. Jaya strolls to Rama and says Rama thinks about her as girl, so she came to fix things right. She calls Panditji and asks discover Samar and Shalini’s wedding muhurath. Samar says he is hitched to Jaya and won’t wed any other person. Jaya says their marriage finished when Shalini came back to his life. She gets inflexible. Shalini grinning thinking once she weds Samar, it is anything but difficult to satisfy her saying.

Samar takes Shalini to his room and inquires as to for what reason did she do that. Jaya says she knows Shalini isn’t right as she saw her smiling when Rama was hitting Samar, so she arranged this. Samar says they will get DNA test again and uncover Shalini. Jaya says they can get her imprisoned, yet will ntot know her witticism, so they should play safe till they discover her proverb. Samar says thanks to her for her assistance and embraces her. Shalini strolls towards room and attempts to tune in to their discussion, at that point opens entryway and sees Jaya chiding Samar and attempting to persuade him for wedding. She supposes Jaya isn’t acting and truly on her side. She comes back to family and illuminates that they are coming. Samar strolls Jaya next and says he is prepared to wed Shalini. Jaya discloses to Shalini that she simply need to verify Shalini and Jaya’s life. Shalini embraces her thinks congrats Samar for consenting to wed her. Jaya thinks Shalini consented to wed him. After at some point, Samar calls Jaya and says Shalini called him to her space to go out on the town. He thumps Shalini’s entryway. Shalini wearing sexy daily opens entryway and hauls him in. He gets nerous.

Precap: Jaya years Shalini attempting to allure Samar and gets desirous.

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