Ladies Special 12th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Meghna Takes Big Loan

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Mandar sees Meghna buckling down in her processing plant and chastens her to rest. She inquires as to why he is stressed. He says he is stressed for his infant. She approaches on the off chance that he isn’t stressed for his better half, on the off chance that she doesn’t work, who else will as he officially left her business, presently she will remain in chawl and will ensure her youngsters get confirmation in International school and she will do only it without Mandar’s assistance. Mandar leaves. Meghhna then goes to Bindu’s home and returns her 2 lakhs. She expresses gratitude toward her for getting help from Amar. She clarifies her arrangement of taking huge advance to scale up her business however does not realize in what capacity will she get it. Mota pappa strolls in. She contacts his feet. He favors her and says she will get advance from helpful bank and he will allude her to his bank supervisor companion. Meghna says

she remains in chawl and does not have any security for credit. Bindu signals Mota pappa to help Meghna. Mota pappa inquires as to whether she arranges close by. Meghna says she has numerous new requests and purchased 1 more manufacturing plant to satisfy orders. Mota pappa says then she can get advance on her requests. Meghna expresses gratitude toward him. He says she needs to get him 2 laddoo boxes and goes to bring bank administrator’s ID card. Meghna then inquiries Bindu in the event that she remarrying. Bindu says she needs to proceed onward. Meghna approaches if Mota pappa will concur for it. Bindu says he needs her to wed before Amar and Kangana’s marriage. Meghna is stunned to hear that and approaches Bindu in the event that she is prepared for it. She says yes for the wellbeing of Amar.

Punith thinks back advising Prarthana about Bindu’s choice of second marriage. He defies Kangana that she meddled among Amar and Bindu and Amar just gestures to her requests and does not by any stretch of the imagination need to wed her. Kangana strolls to Amar and inquires as to whether he truly needs to wed her. He says yes. She requests that he propose her this evening at that point. Amar asks Punith to get him a proposition ring. Punith calls Viraaj and requests that he send gem specialist’s number from whom he purchased ring for Prarthana. At Prarthana’s home, Viraaj’s mom’s fits of rage proceed.

Meghna returns home and energetically advises Baba about her new request and taking advance. Baba asks how much credit. She says huge and not to illuminate Mandar about it, else he won’t let her go out on a limb. Baba says chance additionally should be huge at that point and consider the possibility that she comes up short. She says truly, however she is prepared to go out on a limb and act quicker, demands him again not to illuminate Mandar. At Mandar’s office, his administrator gets call from supervisor who reproves director for losing request to new player Swapna Garments and inquires as to whether he knows Swapna article of clothing proprietor’s relative works for us. Director says Mandar is Swapna Garments’ proprietor’s better half. Manager says he realizes who is the double crosser at that point. Director thinks back Mandar standing up to Meghna for taking his request and tells supervisor that Mandar is faithful. Supervisor requests that director use Mandar to support them.

Bindu moves 10 lakhs in Amar’s record and packs her things. Amar sees message and calling her inquires as to for what reason did she move 10 lakhs. Bindu says he had given 10 lakhs for Meghna, Meghna returned 2 lakhs, so she moved back 10 lakhs into his record as she doesn’t have directly on his assets now. Amar inquires as to whether she is breaking their fellowship. She says never as she earned just that. He says she can keep that cash for her wedding. She says she has mota pappa as her dad who will never let any other individual spend on her wedding. Amar says and still, at the end of the day. She says he needs that cash as he will have a pamper wedding with Kangana. Amar feels dismal.

Precap: Bank director calls Mandar and educates his better half has connected for 20 lakhs, so she made an affirmation cal. Amar proposes Kangana with a ring, she cheerfully acknowledges and says they will commend today.

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