Kundali Bhagya 12th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Preeta Reaches The Luthra Mansion

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Prithvi ponders what he should do between sparing Preeta and Sherlin, on the off chance that he goes to spare Sherlin than Preeta will come to know about him so he won’t let her do anything happen to Preeta like he let her do with Sarla as he will ensure her this time.

Sarla strolls to Preeta’s room and subsequent to going inside blows up in the wake of seeing Sherlin, she asks her where Preeta is, anyway Sherlin begins to insult her yet then requests that her see that she has hitched Rishab, she embraces him however Sarla slaps her asking where Preeta is, she blows up saying that she isn’t here yet she will ensure that the two of them push off in light of the fact that she will murder them two, in the wake of undermining that she will be apprehensive after she comes to realize the mystery she has, Sarla turns, Sherlin hits her from behind and leaves in the wake of shutting her in the

rooms he hits two individuals in the manner yet figures out how to escape, she gets stressed reasoning that Preeta will have achieved the Luthra house.

Preeta gets off on the house and feels that the two of them will uncover reality and not let Sherlin ruin the life of Rishab on the grounds that she has completed a great deal of things with her mom which will demonstrate to be awful for her. Prithvi is strolling when he gets a call from Sherlin, she inquires as to whether he has murdered Preeta, he clarifies that he looked for her every single way however can’t discover her so he again went to the Luthra house and scanned for her yet she is as yet not here, Sherlin whoever does not trust him saying that he will, not execute her since he cherishes her and needs to spend a mind-blowing remainder with her, so how might he slaughter her.

She understands that he is getting distraught so she begins to quiet him down and accuses him on the off chance that he is remarkable to do anything and gets bankrupt which will; allow the Luthras to giggle at him, he requests that her quit saying that he needs to deliver retribution and nothing is increasingly significant for him, she again controls him to execute Preeta on the grounds that nothing is progressively significant, he gets disappointed, she says that in the event that he doesn’t murder Preeta than the Luthras will chuckle at him. He clarifies that he won’t let anybody stop him and must think, he begins to stroll down when he sees Preeta coming, he requests that her end the call.

Sherlin asks that Prithvi accomplishes something in such a case that he doesn’t than all that she has worked for will be destroyed, Prithvi figures what he can do in such a case that he attempts to do anything than should respond to a great deal of inquiries which he can’t do.

Karina sees Preeta standing and ponders what has occurred with her and on the off chance that she has endeavored a suicide, she imagines that what she has thought of her is correct, just than Rakhi sees her and goes to her asking what the issue is, Rishab likewise goes top her, she makes reference to that she has something critical to let him know, Karina thinks s that she was correct and should plan something for stop Preeta, Sanjana additionally ponders what Sherlin stated, that she had seized Preeta yet she is here and will come clean.

Rishab asks Preeta to come inside after which she can let them know everything, Karina ask her for what valid reason she was late trying to moderate her, everybody pushes her to disclose to them the reason, she says that she realizes that she was not ready to reach in time and everybody will be am d at her yet she has something to tell, Rishab asks what the issue is as she is looking stressed, Karina says that she didn’t come eve when everybody was searching for her since they confided in her seen still she didn’t come, however regardless of the reason and causes they have gotten hitched,

Preeta feels that now that Sherlin has gotten hitched with Rishab she needs verification and should take help with Karan in light of the fact that he likewise knows reality of Sherlin, she request Karan however Rishab demand that she first let him know as he knows that she is stressed.

Samer goes to Karan s room and discovers him in a dim room, he request that he close the eyes, Samer says that he haired a PI which he did and that the criminologist gave him some significant news, he likewise gave him the photographs and disclosed to him the name of the individual who helped him in turning into the individual from this family.

Preeta says that she needed to advise this to Rishab quite a while prior, Sanjana fears that she feared this, Preeta gets unsteady Rakhi holds her, Prithvi spills oil on the stairs, Sanjana sees him doing this,

Precap: Preeta request that they meet Karan she hurries to his room and says his name before embracing him.

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