Kumkum Bhagya 12th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Pragya Makes Rhea Realize Her Mistake

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The Episode begins with Rhea revealing to Pragya that Dad yelling and chiding her in view of Prachi, he slapped her moreover. She says I won’t pardon her. Pragya slaps her and says don’t believe that I slapped you for Prachi, no, I slapped you for yourself. She says I know Prachi is honesty and says truth will turn out inevitably. She says you are a child and inept and says on the off chance that you have tumbled down and get injured, at that point what Meera and your father have felt. She says Prachi’s life will be destroyed and requests that her patch her ways else she will change her for better. She says you resemble Prachi to me. Rhea embraces her and cries. Pragya asks what is like this to cry like child. Rhea says she is a child and requests that her make her calm and excuse her. Pragya grins.

Chief converses with the educators about Rhea. They

tell that they will pardon Rhea as Abhi apologized to them and he is the trustee of the school. Main says we will finish the trek and go. Abhi comes to Prachi and says sorry. Prachi asks her not to say sorry. Abhi says his mind quit working when he found out about Rhea and says your mum is ideal and have given great qualities to you, I wish Rhea would have taken in something from her. He says she has won and I have flopped as a dad. Prachi says you are a decent dad and says you are world’s best dad, whatever you have instructed her is great and you will feel pleased with Rhea one day. She says no one adores their kids like you cherish her and requests that he quit accusing himself. She wipes his tears. Abhi embraces her. Prachi embraces him. Tu dhadkan fundamental dil plays… Abhi pardons himself. Pragya excuses her and requests that her quit crying. She says you needn’t bother with a mother to do right or wrong and says little girls are mother’s appearance and requests that her figure what her mom will feel. Rhea says she don’t think about her mum and tells that in the event that she had met her previously, at that point would have redressed her misstep. She requests that her slap her, yet embrace her moreover. She embraces Pragya and cries. Meera is en route and is stressed over Rhea. She is going to hit a woman, gets down and says sorry. The woman reprimands her and requests that her take her to medical clinic. Mitali calls her, however Meera don’t see the call. Meera sits in vehicle and leaves. Mitali thinks how to illuminate Meera that Rhea is found. Pallavi asks her to content her. Rhea discloses to Pragya that she has pained her too and says you may imagine that I am exceptionally awful and mannerless. Pragya requests that her guarantee and contemplate herself. Rhea says why you are so great and says I truly like you. Pragya says I like you a ton. Rhea says I need to go. Pragya requests that her fare thee well.

In the vehicle, Rhea discloses to Vikram that Dad must be extremely annoyed with her which I don’t care for. Vikram says Abhi is a major irate and very little. He requests that her sit in the front seat before Abhi comes. Abhi comes and sits in the vehicle. He sees Rhea and requests that her go to rearward sitting arrangement. Vikram says she will stay there. Abhi says when I am driving the vehicle, I need quiet. Rhea says Dad. Abhi drives the vehicle. Pragya is still at the camp and considers Rhea. Prachi asks her what was the deal? Pragya says Rhea apologized to her. Prachi says apologized and inquires as to for what reason did you pardon her. She says Mr. Mehra and I was concerned for her. He says when he was admonishing me, he was broken inside. Pragya says she is a child. Prachi says he isn’t a child, she resembles this as it were. Pragya says you dislike her and tells that Mr. Mehra is her superhuman, on the off chance that he had not come, at that point Police would have captured her. Pragya says I wouldn’t have given Police a chance to capture you.

Shahaha comes there and tells Pragya and Prachi that key called everybody. Important requests that everybody gather their packs and sit in transport, and says they are leaving now because of the tempest. The understudies go to gather their packs. Vital asks Pragya to accompany them. The Police stops Abhi’s vehicle and tells that the way is shut because of the extension fall and avalanche and says the manner in which will be open tomorrow. He requests that they remain in the farmhouse adjacent. Vikram asks Abhi to take them to farmhouse. Abhi goes to the farmhouse and goes straight inside. Rhea calls Dad. Vikram requests that her call him father until Abhi quiet down. Abhi takes the keys from the assistant. She takes selfie with him. Rhea says Dad is having fans here. Vikram says he has much fan following when you was not conceived and tells that he couldn’t contact him at that point. He tells that Abhi was upbeat and grinning at that point, however at this point he yells a great deal. Rhea snickers. Key takes all understudies, educators and pragya to the farmhouse. He says we will remain here today around evening time, this is the protected spot. They get inside the farmhouse. Pragya converses with the secretary and advises that they need room because of the scaffold fall. Secretary says that he likewise let me know. Pragya asks who? Secretary says a major VIP and demonstrates Abhi’s pic, however pragya turns simply at that point and don’t see him. They take the rooms. Rhea sees Prachi and gets annoyed. Vikram asks Abhi to excuse Rhea. Abhi says who plans these things. Vikram says I did, and after that jokes. Pragya, Prachi and Shahana check in the room which is adjacent to Abhi’s room. She calls Sarita behen, however there is no sign. Pragya inquires as to why Rhea isn’t here. Shahana says she went as of now with her father. Pragya thinks don’t have the foggiest idea how he will handle her. Prachi asks did you see my watch. Pragya gives her watch and thinks to converse with Mr. Mehra and give him recommendation, she supposes he may feel awful.

Abhi reviews Vikram’s words that they will excuse the children some of the time and commits them understand their error. A fb is appeared, Pragya snickers and reveals to him that on the off chance that he converses with her and clears the issue, at that point just she will realize that he is disturbed. Abhi says I figured you will get it. pragya says quiet way isn’t right and says correspondence is arrangement. Abhi supposes he will handle Rhea like Pragya had done. He supposes to meet her and talk.

Precap: Rhea calls Pragya and tells that her father is unwell and requests that her come and spare her father. Pragya goes to Abhi’s room.

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