Kesari Nandan 12th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kesari Caught In A Storm

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The Episode begins with Hanumant saying Kala has submitted a suicide. Zoravar says I have slaughtered Kala. Bijli gets stunned. Bhairav peruses the letter of Kala’s wrongdoing admission and suicide. Hanumant sees Kala’s torn uniform and says Kesari got this awards, possibly its of Kala’s uniform, it implies Kala has done this. Bhairav says he is dead, in what manner will we render retribution. Hanumant says Kesari is protected now, her life isn’t in risk. Bijli says he was your companion. Zoravar says he could have turned into my foe, I slaughtered him.

He left the verification and after that murdering Kala by nourishing him the toxin. He says I m planting drugs here, we will harvest it and get more cash, none should know this, particularly Rana ji. She gestures. He says perceive how I ruin Hanumant’s family, I will end up being Dhanwa’s best. Pappu

says its great that ruffian is found. Kesari says I feel something isn’t right, Kala was not all that absurd, for what reason will he end it all. Pappu says indeed, right. Zoravar hears the updates on the dust storm moving toward neighbor towns. He proceeds to see Kesari. Madhavi asks Kesari not to stress and consider offering articulation to police.

She says I will approach your father to take us for lunch. Kesari says I will call Kalki and welcome. Zoravar says Bijli, this tempest will come as a gift for me. Kalki says you figure I will acknowledge your welcome, how might you think. Kesari says you are a sportsman, you should come. Kalki says no chance. Pappu says I let you know not to call her. Hanumant says Madhavi, I can’t come, I need to affirm for Kala’s demise episode, Kala has fouled up with Jagat and Kesari, he attempted to execute Kesari, Jagat got debilitated as a result of him. Madhavi says you care for Kesari, much obliged, go to Jaisalmer and take Kesari out when you return. He says fine, much appreciated. She grins.

He says Kesari truly needs to go. She says yes. He says then we will keep her heart. He calls Zoravar and requests that he take Kesari and companions for lunch. He says I m going out for multi day. Zoravar gets cheerful. He says fine, I will take her. Madhavi says yet the tempest news… . Hanumant says tempest isn’t coming in this town. He goes. Zoravar says our work will be finished. Hanumant and Bhairav are en route. Bhairav sings and giggles. He plays radio. Ek pyaar ka nagma… .plays… Hanumant asks is the tempest coming thusly. Bhairav asks him not to stress. Zoravar takes Kesari and her companions to the dhaba and requests that they give the request. Zoravar checks news. He says I will simply come, I will get a decent astonishment for you. The man calls him and requests drugs. Zoravar says let me spare my life first. He offers bye to Kesari. He leaves.

Kesari and her companions see the breezy tempest. Hanumant and Bhairav hear the tempest news. Bhairav stops the jeep. Hanumant says it means tempest is coming toward Dhanwa, Kesari went out with her companions. Bhairav says I will take the vehicle back. Hanumant says I will call Madhavi, telephone isn’t associating. Bhairav drives in fast. Madhavi asks Jagat to call Zoravar. They hear the notice about the dust storm. Zoravar comes and asks did Kesari get back home, I m stressed. Madhavi stresses. Jagat says I will come. Madhavi says no, you remain at home. Bijli says you don’t go out in tempest. Madhavi runs out. Zoravar grins.

Kesari and her companions eat sustenance. Pappu feels the zest and yells water. Pappu beverages water. Kalki comes snickering. Kesari blows up. Kalki contends with them. They see the dust storm drawing closer. Kesari requests that they get in. Pappu gets unwell. Kesari requests that Kalki take Pappu with her, he is unwell. Kalki says get lost. She leaves in the vehicle. Kesari stresses for Pappu. Kesari asks him not to stress, he will get fine. Individuals keep running all over. Kesari requests that they get inside the kitchen. The general population state this is certifiably not a protected spot, we should shroud elsewhere. Kesari requests that the man help Pappu. The woman requests that her give nectar and haldi to Pappu. Kesari feeds nectar and haldi to Pappu. Kesari requests that the young ladies go, she will be with Pappu. The dhaba kitchen rooftop gets tumbling down. The general population yell and run out. The young ladies state in what manner will we deal with, the breeze is so solid. Kesari sees a rope.

Precap:The transport stalls out close to the bluff. Kesari asks them not to move and attempt to proceed. Kesari is disregarded in the transport. The entryway gets bolted.

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