Kesari Nandan 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kesari Gets Crucial Clues

Kesari Nandan 11th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Kesari and her friends entering the godown. They look for clues. They hear someone coming and hide. Kesari thinks to see the policeman’s face once. He switches off the lights and goes. She catches him and jumps on his back. She pulls his batch. Zoravar runs away from there. She follows.

Hanumant asks where is Kesari. He calls her out. Madhavi says she would be home, what happened. He says a big storm is going to come, we have to stay alert. He asks Jagat where is Kesari, I have to ask her, where did she get that letter and what else she got there. Jagat says she would have slept by now. Hanumant says fine. Jagat wishes Kesari comes back soon. Kesari and her friends follow Zoravar and miss him. Kesari says he would have gone to police station, we should go there and see the police officer with torn uniform. Kesari goes in to check. Her friends check outside.

She sees Kala Singh and others. She goes out and says even if the weather is bad, we have to find out the enemy. Bijli looks on. Kesari asks her friends to go home before the storm arrives. Bijli comes there. Kesari says I will lift it. Bijli says its fine, I forgot the rice bag at the shop while taking the change, what will I tell Madhavi now. Kesari says you go, I will get it. Kesari goes to the shop and asks for the rice bag. He man asks her to check it herself. Kesari goes and sees the junk items. A box falls down. She gets a gun and her pics. She gets shocked and thinks how can the pics be here. She takes the box with her. She asks whose box is this. The man says how would I know, this box is imp, that police officer Kala Singh gave this box to me. She says I m taking this box. He asks her to go.

Hanumant and Bhairav watch the news of storm proceeding towards Dhanwa. Madhavi worries. Hanumant says there can be a bit of stormy weather here. Madhavi asks Jagat and Kesari to come. Hanumant and Bhairav laugh and say its a small thing, don’t worry. Madhavi prays.

Jagat and Kesari come there. Hanumant says Bhairav and I went to police station, the kidnapper will be caught. Bhairav says tell us if you remember anything. Kesari shows the gun and pics to them. They get shocked.

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