Ke Apon Ke Por 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Koyel Is Exasperated

Ke Apon Ke Por 11th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

In the most recent scene of Ke Apon Ke Por, Joba frenzies seeing her child’s restorative report yet the specialist clarifies Joba over the call that the infant will be virtuoso. He includes that she may have some unusual conduct, which can be dealt with.

He guarantees Joba that there is no reason to worry and recommends her to take uncommon consideration of her child. Joba is by all accounts persuaded and guarantees her child to take extraordinary consideration. Tinni returns home.

Joba solicits Itu to take care from Tinni’s children as well.

Saheli faults Lata and Amiya for being one-sided and not dealing with Tinni or her child. Amiya and Lata refute Saheli and play out all the fundamental ceremonies of respecting the new conceived child and her mom. They likewise favor Tinni’s kid with a gold chain. Saheli remains at a separation and doesn’t play much consideration.

Sarthak comes and gets elated seeing Tinni and her child. Be that as it may, Tinni is irritated with Sarthak’s essence.

Koel at last meets her mom and Joba embraces her little girl out of happiness.

She attempts to converse with Koel. In any case, the minute Joba attempts to acquaint the child with Koel, the last begins carrying on impolitely.

As she attempts to leave the room and head outside, Joba stops her. Koel pushes her mom away and leaves. Simply at that point, Itu comes and notification Joba lying on the bed in torment.

Itu and Lata attempt to prevent Koel from heading outside yet she is by all accounts firm with her choice. Joba goes to the lounge and argues Koel to remain at home as she is unwell. Param comes and attempts to assuage Koel buts she announces to live without anyone else terms.

Saheli observes all the show and feels cheerful.

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