Ke Apon Ke Por 10th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Joba Finds the Medical Report

Ke Apon Ke Por 10th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

In the most recent scene of Ke Apon Ke Por, Amiya and Lara anxiously hang tight for Joba. Itu is glad as Joba is returning home. The minute the doorbell rings, Itu surges towards it. In any case, amazingly, Saheli has arrived.

Taking a gander at the ongoing new development, Lata and Amiya get astounded seeing Saheli. Being Tinni’s relative and Rinki’s mother Saheli clarifies that she can visit the Sengupta family unit at whatever point she needs. She faults Lata and Amiya for being one-sided and not considering Tinni, who was additionally pregnant, much the same as Joba. She includes that Tinni is honored with an infant kid. Lata and Amiya get elated to become familiar with the news yet Saheli ridicules them. Amiya gets affronted and clarifies the amount they adore Tinni. He likewise reminds Saheli that she incited Tinni against her relatives.

Saheli announces that Tinni will remain with her folks for some days following the old custom. As a general rule, she has a detestable arrangement behind permitting Tinni to remain at Param’s place.

As Saheli expects to leave, Joba touches base with the child. Joba is anxious to meet Koel. Lata requests that her pursue the custom and remain inside her space for a couple of days.

Itu goes to call Koel, who will not meet her mother.

Joba feels vulnerable pondering Koel’s conduct. All of a sudden, she sees the medicinal report of her infant which notices about a neurological issue. She calls up the specialist, who educated that the child will be virtuoso yet she may act unreasonable now and again. Joba gets broke finding out about her youngster.

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