Kasautii Zindagii Kay 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Mohini Opposes Anurag’s Decision

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The Episode begins with Anurag saying I need to have a social marriage this time, I will call Veena as Sasumaa, not aunt, yes you folks have gotten it right, Prerna and I need to wed by and by, before the family and society. Everybody grins. Mohini blows up. Anurag says we couldn’t have rasam that time, I need your assistance and you will keep every one of the obligations of rasams. Anupam says obviously. Anurag says we will have our commitment tomorrow. Prerna grins. She goes to Moloy and asks will you do every one of the ceremonies for me, if father was here, he would have done this, will you do this as my father. Moloy cheerfully gestures to her.

Nivedita comes to Mohini and inquires as to for what reason did you come here without having desserts. Mohini says Anurag is going to rehash his misstep, Prerna isn’t made for Anurag.

Nivedita asks what has occurred, I thought you have a change, yet no… Prerna is a decent young lady, a great bahu for Basu house, Prerna and Anurag adore one another. Mohini says Anurag manages first class individuals, Prerna is a white collar class young lady, she has huge dreams, she is wedding Anurag for cash, its not adore.

Nivedita cries and says I wish you could comprehend that bliss isn’t purchased with cash, you cherish Anurag a ton, disclose to me a certain something, for what reason wouldn’t you be able to acknowledge Prerna as his better half. Mohini says Prerna can never turn into my bahu. Nivedita says Prerna is an ideal bahu for Basu family, ideal spouse for Anurag, she supposes for whole family, I m beyond any doubt you have seen this, you would prefer not to acknowledge this. She goes.

Veena originates from shopping and shows stuff to Suman. Suman answers a call. The investigator says Ronit got captured. She says thanks to him. She says reviewer said Ronit is captured. Shivani looks on. Prerna says its uplifting news, I will illuminate Anurag. Anurag gets some information about Mr. Bajaj. Prerna comes in. He completes the call. She asks what occurred. He says what, all is well. She asks are you concealing something from me. He says no, it was some work from office, you let me know, would you like to disclose to me something. She asks how would you know. He says my heart is associated with your heart, I recognize what you are thinking, reveal to me what is it. She says I came to state, monitor called and said he captured Ronit. He says goodness, express gratitude toward God, at last, something great occurred, I will leave for office.

She says I… .don’t go office today. He asks did you need to state this… . She says I needed to state only this. He says you mean I don’t have any acquaintance with you. She says not all that well. He says OK, on the off chance that you state what I m supposing, I won’t go. He evacuates his jacket. She asks when will you return home. He asks were you saying this. She grins. He says fine, 8pm. She says alright, I will pause. She goes.

Nivedita and Tapur show outfits to Prerna. Anurag comes first floor. He sees Prerna attempting a saree. She asks him how is it. He signs not all that great. She says show something different. She gets another saree. She searches for him. He comes before her. She says you frightened me. He says I had a decent opportunity to play with you, it was a filmi possibility, you recognize what, truth is, you look great in each dress, since you are delightful, bye. She says bye. He stops and says I… . He sees everybody. Prerna asks would you say you are bashful, I what? He grins and says I will miss you. They all state Aw… .. He says film is finished, return to work. Prerna grins. Mohini looks on.

Anurag inquires as to for what reason aren’t you not discovering Mr. Bajaj, where are your investigators. Das says Saurabh said it will require some investment to clear the image. Anurag says alright, you may leave. He says where are you, who are you… Mr. Bajaj. Mr. Bajaj lights a stogie. He smokes. He goes upstairs. Mohini chides the hireling. She goes to sanctuary and says Anurag didn’t inquire as to whether I like his decision, Prerna is playing with his heart, she will make him extremely upset and go, she will simply destroy his life, stop her, spare my Anurag. She cries. Prerna gets a ghungroo from Anurag’s cabinet. She reviews and says its my bangle ghungroo, Anurag kept this safe. She calls Anurag. He says you are missing me right, I m getting back home, I m missing you. He finishes call.

Anupam makes Moloy drink. Nivedita comes and asks what’s going on with you, will be you frantic to make father drink. Anupam says I realize what he needs. She says you are extremely frantic. He says I was drinking and he asked me. Moloy snickers and acts when Nivedita asks him. Moloy thinks sorry, she won’t leave me. She says it implies you were lying. She inquires as to whether Anupam encouraged him all alone. Moloy winks. Anupam says he is lying, he was simply giggling on me. She goes. Anupam says I wish to state, I loathe you. Moloy chuckles. Das says hear me out, its pressing. Anurag says not presently, tomorrow. He goes. Das says I needed to state about Mr. Bajaj, he will end up being a major issue for us. Mr. Bajaj opens some entryway.

Precap:Anurag says our affection won’t blur away, no tempest can go into our home or life until we are as one. Das says I question Mr. Bajaj is behind this shell organization.

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