Jhansi Ki Rani 12th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Manu And Tatya Guru Save The Bonded Labourers And Destroy The Engine

Jhansi Ki Rani 12th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Gangadhar appearing green banner to the train. The reinforced workers/slave cry and yell for assistance, yet their voice isn’t heard. Manu feels something isn’t right with this train. One of the hostage man cuts his hand with the sharp edge and supposes he won’t let his demise go squander. His blood drops tumbles down from the train. Manu sees the fallen blood and thinks Manjiri was correct, the britishers tricked us. She takes a gander at Ross and thinks to meet Tatya Guru and Ghouse Baba. The train is at its speed. Manu uses launch to lifts hanuman’s banner. Tatya master and Ghouse Khan take a gander at it. Ghouse Khan grins and thinks about Manu’s arrangement. He keeps three ponies prepared. Ghouse Khan keeps running at a speed. Tatya master brings kindling and thinks to occupy britishers’ consideration so that Ghouse Khan can

take every necessary step with no obstacles. He pours lamp fuel oil and consumes the supermarket office. Ghouse Khan is riding on the pony and is nearing towards the train and thinks to achieve the railroad track close to the scaffold to twist it. Ross and others hear the sound. Saimen Frazer asks what was the deal? Ross says I will check. Manu is riding on the pony and going at the quick pace. Moropant sees her and thinks bomb is fixed to the motor. The britisher driving the train sees her and accelerates the train. Manu figures out how to get the train and sticks holding the stairs. She is going to fall, yet Tatya Guru goes ahead the pony and holds her. He jumps on the pony. Manu inquires as to why he arrived behind schedule. Tatya master says he was late as he set the lanka ablaze.

Ross reprimands the britishers and asks how it burst into flames. Tatya master asks Manu for what good reason did she alter her perspective? Manu says she saw blood tumbling down from the train. They check inside through the gap and see the fortified workers. Manu tells that Ghouse Baba may go change the tracks to make the train fall in the valley. She says we need to isolate the boggies before it falls in the valley. Gangadhar sees Manu and Tatya master running on the train. He supposes what Rani Lakshmi Bai is doing there and rides on the steed. Robb reveals to Ross that somebody is following the train. Ross and Ross leave on their steeds. Ghouse khan gets down from the pony and takes a gander at the railroad track. Manu discloses to Tatya master that they need to isolate the boggies before it falls in the valley. Ghouse Khan attempts to change the track. Moropant is lying underneath the train and attempting to take out the bomb. Manu and Tatya master attempt to break the boggies connect. Ghouse Khan figures out how to change the tracks. The train driver thinks why train is going straight.

Manu sees krantikari bharat and yells. Moropant supposes I will get out as the boggies are isolated from motor. He bounces out and tumbles down on the ground. The motor falls in the valley and impacts. The boggies are going to fall. Tatya master and Manu close their eyes as the boggies are likewise going to fall, however it stops close to the edge. Manu and Tatya master get down the train. Manu says if Krantikari bharat kicked the bucket. Ross and Robb are headed. Gangadhar reaches close to the bluff first. He gets down from his pony and asks Manu what is this frenzy and requests what reason she took a chance with her life. He helps her to remember her guarantee and says you have guaranteed that you won’t do anything. Ghouse khan takes harmed Moropant with him. Manu says all solutions to your inquiries are here in the boggies. She opens the boggies entryway. Gangadhar sees the harmed reinforced workers. The reinforced workers get cheerful and overlay their hands in appreciation. Gangadhar is stunned.

Precap: Saimen asks what’s going on in Jhansi. Gangadhar questions him and asks where you individuals are taking these harmed men and for which ride. Ghouse Khan reveals to Moropant that he was uninformed that Rani Lakshmi Bai is Krantikari bharat’s girl. Manu catches him and gets upbeat.

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