Hamari Bahu Silk 12th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Pakhi Confused About Taking The Dubbing Artist Job For Natasha

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Pakhi and the (Naksh) lament observing one another. Pakhi asks who said he is her significant other. The sales rep says Pakhi herself pointed that the man in red coat is her better half. Pakhi inquires as to whether she needed to take the vehicle why she more likely than not brought it back. She hands the keys to the administrator as she isn’t keen on the vehicle, nor in Naksh. She leaves the showroom.

Kapadia brought an agreement for Natasha and Aakash. Natasha contemplates the agreement. Pinky advises Natasha to sign the agreement, it’s her first film. Natasha asks Kapadia where her name in the agreement is. Aakash was additionally stressed.

The questioner calls Pakhi and says there are a couple of papers missing in her record. She should come here with them and take her arrangement letter.

Kapadia reveals to Natasha that the agreement

will have the name of the young lady who will name her voice, at that point Natasha will likewise sign the motion picture. Yet, there will be no film without the voice. He requests that they carry the young lady with the voice, they can transfer ownership of the agreement right. Aakash says the young lady isn’t here the present moment. He says they can begin the shoot, and will start the naming when they get the voice. Kapadia concurs however just with a condition that the camera will have no batteries. He tears the agreement before them, and says he will take contract printing sum from his expense. He should bring the voice over individual, else the image is shut. Aakash keep on mentioning Kapadia while he leaves. Natasha breaks the glass.

Pakhi goes to the workplace. She gets some information about Mr. Mehta. She had given every one of her declarations, however Mr. Mehta called that a few testaments are absent. Bhao checks the declarations and says just the endorsement with Gandhi Ji’s photograph is absent. They have a fixed rate of 5 lacs for the activity as influence. Pakhi was stunned. Bhao leaves. Pakhi leaves the workplace. Pakhi gives the sweet box to a bum. She was devastated and sits on a seat. Pakhi gets a call from Natasha, cautioning that it’s an update call and she will lose her employment if the young lady isn’t found. Pakhi considers her Ayi’s stresses, she chooses she can’t let give her voice to that Natasha.

Pakhi comes at a setting for washroom to tie her hair. She was stunned to see Baa with her grandson there. A few men take the mirror outline outside. Pakhi takes cover behind the mirror. The Naksh spots Pakhi and chooses to catch her in the act. Pakhi was panicked and conceals herself from him. Naksh asks the sellers yet nobody thought about her. Baa comes to Naksh and asks what he is doing. Naksh says that Pakhi was here in an alternate get up. He discloses to Baa that the young lady is adroit and has been deceiving her for long, she even played a trick with him in the showroom he went for meeting. Baa rather chides Naksh for continually making up. Naksh inquires as to whether he demonstrates Pakhi Joshi is a liar. Baa guarantees she will expel Pakhi from their home, and will build his point of confinement of time also. Naksh was resolved to refute Pakhi.

Pakhi returns home stressed. Baa offers her a feast. She detects her Baba’s shirt and inquires as to whether she has a cerebral pain. Ayi denies. Pakhi says her Baba wore this shirt the last time, and Ayi hasn’t washed it from that point forward; this implies she should consider Baba. She should have a cerebral pain. Ayi says she was amazingly stressed for Pakhi, at that point attempted to take the appropriate responses from her Baba. Pakhi embraces Ayi and asks what did her Baba says. Ayi reveals to her that Baba is certain her Pakhi is incredibly fearless young lady. Pakhi examine with Ayi that her companion is somewhat stressed, she is being offered a vocation where pay bundle is fine, yet the general population are somewhat strange. Ayi says her dad constantly exhorted that one must wear what other resembles, yet work where just you are fulfilled. Her companion should in a flash leave the activity.

Afterward, Pakhi gets a call from Natasha and requests the announcement about the young lady. Pakhi answers she couldn’t discover it yet, she visited various studios and will go tomorrow also. Natasha cautions that Pakhi may need to search for another activity, in the event that she doesn’t discover the young lady. Naksh caught her discussion that Pakhi needed to meet Natasha at Haray Krishna Temple at sharp 10 am.

Natasha was spruced up in eastern saree. Pinky comes to Natasha saying her video turned into a web sensation via web-based networking media. She says everybody will in general get popular throughout everyday life. The young lady must be demonstrated an approach to contact them, when the voice gets celebrated the young lady would most likely come to guarantee her notoriety.

Pakhi was strained viewing the video.

PRECAP: Pakhi achieves the sanctuary where individuals valued Natasha’s new video and values her voice. Everybody needed to hear her actual voice. Pinky sends Pakhi for assistance. Pakhi requests a comparative saree from Pinky. She slips in that saree while the media assembles to take her nearby.

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