Hamari Bahu Silk 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Pakhi To Find The Girl For Dubbing

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Pakhi requests that the showroom seller get her significant other the red shirt from inside, in the mean time she can have a test ride of the vehicle. She drives the vehicle to Natasha. The youthful person (Baa’s grandson) was called outside.

Natasha gets in the vehicle with Pakhi. She gets a call from Aakash that Kapadia isn’t persuaded, and it appears they may lose the film. Natasha yells she can lose her life, yet not this motion picture. She yells at Aakash to find that young lady.

The youthful person comes outside. The vehicle proprietor doesn’t give him a chance to leave as his significant other has taken his vehicle.

Pakhi goes to the studio. She finds that everything there was phony. Natasha gets spruced up in short workout clothes. She feels timid by Natasha’s stances.

The youthful person was gotten by the vehicle showroom merchant. They blame the youthful

fellow as his better half stole their vehicle. The youthful person was hostile and says he doesn’t have an inkling where their vehicle is, he isn’t hitched.

Pakhi dismisses her face and goes to a corner, while Natasha was giving a few shots with the shower robe. She chooses to think of her bill for now. She makes a sum of 210, it will cost her 6 thousand an entire month. She was stressed how she will deal with this.

In the cosmetics room, Natasha yells at Aakash that he has been unfit to discover the young lady throughout recent days. Aakash now yells at Natasha that this film is similarly significant for her. He has attempted his dimension best to find that young lady however nobody thinks about it. It was Natasha’s screw up that she played that voice before Kapadia. Pakhi strolls into the room. She says she has something imperative to state to Natasha. She says Natasha just contracted her for 20 thousand, however she spared her twice. She additionally needs to send the vehicle back to showroom. Natasha says she will choose her forever, and will raise her compensation by 7 thousands; however just if Pakhi can discover her a voice. She plays the video. Pakhi was stunned to hear her very own voice. Natasha takes her consideration and denies Pakhi to quit gazing her in the video, she realizes she is hot. She yells at Pakhi to get out, and not to return whether without the young lady with this voice. Pakhi leaves the studio.

Ratti compliments Pakhi as she has got much happiness. Pakhi says she should locate her very own voice in two days. In the event that she needs to spare her PA work, the world will hear the grimy lines of Natasha in her voice. Ratti was irritated that it’s everything a direct result of Pakhi. Pakhi cries and embraces Ratti that she is vulnerable, she hates the activity yet can’t leave it. She gets a call from an uncle, he inquires as to whether she got the letter of meeting. Pakhi asks when the meeting was, they have changed the house. Her uncle says the meeting was presently, Pakhi can attempt her karma there. Pakhi achieves the meeting scene in the vehicle of showroom. Pakhi implores she has gone to Baba’s office for the meeting, she should land the position. A peon Bhao perceives Pakhi. She says she sought the meeting. Bhao says there is no possibility, she is late for meeting now. Pakhi persuades him to accomplish something, she got the letter very late. Bhao goes inside with her letter, for an attempt. Pakhi petitions Baba for some assistance. Pakhi was called into the workplace.

During the meeting, the questioner keeps a couple of papers of Pakhi. He says it was great to meet her, they had taken in a ton from her dad. Pakhi was chipper outside that she landed the position in her Baba’s organization. She chooses to restore the vehicle now and salutes herself for the activity.

They youthful person had been kept hostage on a seat with his mouth taped. He persuades them that he is a picture taker and has a place with a decent family. The police arrive. The youthful person was confused what they are discussing. He is a picture taker. The assessor advises Hawaldar to take him in their van. Pakhi goes to the showroom. She rather yells for the administrator, she says she will whine via web-based networking media against their vehicle. It took her two hours to get it fixed, at that point she needed to call her significant other. The director brings the young fellow and inquires as to whether this is the means by which her better half looks. Pakhi was stunned to see him.

PRECAP: Kapadia advises Natasha to get the marks of the voice. Natasha gives Pakhi an update call.

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