Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Guddan Comes Home

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Scene 1
Everybody meets Guddan. Guddan says where is dadi? She says dadi for what reason would you say you are there? Are you frantic at me. Dadi says you were going to take your life to spare me? My life is as of now finished. Guddan sings the melody ek dusry ke squander.. Dadi sings hain tayar murmur. They all sing together. AJ holds Guddan’s hand. Guddan says how might I leave you and my family in a bad position. Genuine companion is there for you out of luck. AJ says no one but Guddan can.. Guddan says can sing in this circumstance. GUddan says tunes of your time were extremely pleasant. Durga asks why AJ looks so changed.

Saru says to Guddan she is tricking the entire family. She returned. Durga says she is catching them with her acting. Durga says AJ appears to be unique as well. I have never observed him life this. He was prepared to do anything

for Guddan. Saru says I am frightened of that Gudan. Durga says if AJ has falled for her it is difficult to show her out. Their romantic tale is a threat for us. Our lives would be destroyed.

Scene 2
AJ brings Guddan home. Saru says you were correct. Take a gander at what he looks like at Guddan. What will we do now? Guddan slips.. AJ holds her. AJ picks her and takes her to room. AJ says I will be back. AJ reviews his minutes with Guddan. He grins and cooks. Durga comes to kitchen. AJ comes to Guddan and says soup.. The melody Qaafirana plays. He makes her beverage the soup. He gives her the prescriptions. Guddan says they are so awful. AJ gives her desserts. Guddan causes him to eat as well. Guddan says you’re not giving me a chance to do anything. I am fine at this point. try not to ruin me. He says I am doing what specialist inquired. You don’t know more than him. Gudddan says to what extent will you do everything alone? He says as long as I need to. What wouldn’t i be able to do alone? Guddan says alright.. so you will do whatever I inquire? He says yes. She says my foot.. He says only that. He rubs her foot. Guddan says you are my significant other no.. He says who said a spouse can’t knead feet? I can.. AJ says we are generally protected as a result of you. On the off chance that as a spouse and companion I rub your feet it wont have any kind of effect. Guddan says you are a senior as well and my significant other. He says you talk like I am from dianasour’s time. Guddan giggles. He says where did you read a spouse can’t rub feet? He rubs her feet. Sidhi comes in. SHe says I made these rice for Guddan. AJ says I would do it. Sidhi says I made it like specialist inquired. You can cause her to eat this. AJ says much obliged. Guddan says Sidhi looked stressed.

Guddan goes to Sidhi’s room. She says for what reason would you say you are gathering packs? Sidhi is in tears. Guddan says I know your torment. Going out isn’t the arrangement. Sidhi says AJ did as such much for us. He let us live here and what did my better half do? I am additionally to blame. I ought to have let him know. Perv would be rebuffed. Be that as it may, I don’t have the right to live in this house or everybody’s affection. Guddan says you merit it. You remained against your significant other. You could spare him yet you remained with truth. This is your home. Guarantee me you wont go anyplace. Sidhi holds her hand. She says guarantee. guddan embraces her. Sidhi says you are so incredible. Individuals ought to gain from you. Individuals aren’t right when they you can’t do anything. Guddan says they talk.

Scene 2

AJ serves juice. She says parathas for me? He says everybody knows how much guddan adores aalo paratha.. He says after this beverage the milk. Guddan says I am lioness. Feline beverages milk AJ says then don’t eat alo paratha either. Guddan says alright I will drink. He says great. Durga says in heart I need to stop AJ’s adoration for her.

No precap.

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