Gathbandhan 12th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhanak Confesses Her Love

Gathbandhan 12th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Magistrate asks Dhanak to bring Raghu to police headquarters. She is strained and tells Raghu, he says we didnt do anything incorrectly. A lady in cloak comes there and supposes Savitri’s child Raghu strolling with a police officer, she contemplates my arrangement with Savitri Mai? I need to take care of this person. Raghu leaves with Dhanak in police jeep. She supposes to meet Savitri later.

Dhanak is in police headquarters and is frightened. Chief comes there and says you know why you are here? He goes to Raghu. Raghu turns and grins at her. He demonstrates her senior position identification. She is paralyzed. Raghu says congratulations on your new seat. Chief says yes you got advanced in light of Tawre’s case, you are incharge of this police headquarters now. Dhanak gets passionate. Raghu holds her

hand and causes her to sit on new seat. All applaud Dhanak. Raghu says I didnt need to miss you being advanced, I got everything today. Dhanak holds his hand and supposes he says his heart things effectively, I will admit today around evening time.

Around evening time, Raghu is sitting tight for Dhanak and says I must be habituated to hold up now. He petitions God to make Dhanak admit love. Somebody captures Raghu.

Raghu is seized and attached to a seat. He asks who is this? Dhanak removes his cloak. He says you? Dhanak says yes I abducted you. Raghu says have you gone frantic? Dhanak says its awful to simply call you, I will experience you today. She is red saree and plays with him. She draws nearer to him and liberates him from seat. She says I need to indicate you something. She demonstrates him spot brightened. She says its your shop, you got elevated from slow down to a shop, I oversaw one shop yet you should transform them into 10 shops. Raghu gets enthusiastic, she inquires as to whether he didnt like her blessing? Raghu says this is best blessing, I dont merit it, what amount would you be able to accomplish for me? Dhanak draws nearer and kisses his cheek. Dhanak says I cherish.. Raghu says I cherish.. Dhanak becomes flushed and keeps running from that point.

Raghu and Dhanak comes in chawl, Rain begins pouring, the two of them move impractically on dekho na. Raghu pulls her closer and says I adore you Son papri. Dhanak becomes flushed and flees. Raghu gets pitiful. Dhanak embraces Raghu from behind and says I cherish you, I adore you to such an extent. Raghu close his eyes and grins. He goes to her. Raghu says state it once more. Dhanak says I couldnt state it previously yet I need to yell at world that I adore you Raghu. Dhanak exotically kisses his cheek. Raghu kisses her temple and draws nearer to lips. Dhanak shies away. He embraces her and lifts her in air. She embraces him.

PRECAP-Lakshmi meets Mai and says I am from transport organization, do you recollect? Mai blows up and says I overlooked that part of life, I dont need to discuss it. Lakshmi says police began crackdown on medication racket that was engaged with that case and 20 individuals got captured, possibly next is you. Mai gets stunned.

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