Gathbandhan 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Mai Asks Dhanak To Leave Her Job

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Scene 1
Raghu expresses gratitude toward Mai, she says it was my obligation. Raghu says thank you for tolerating Dhanak. Mai says I thoroughly took care of you, my arrangement with Dhanak finished when you got equity, we are foes once more. Dhanak says I thought everything turned out to be fine between us? Mai says we had an arrangement and it finished. Dhanak says I see mother in you, lets overlook everything and begin another connection. Mai says you will find employment elsewhere? I wont leave my dark business then what? She says to Raghu that uniform can never be believed, its my adversary and will remain along these lines, police and cheat cannot move toward becoming companions. Raghu is harmed.

Dhanak is in mandir and cries. She reviews her glad minutes with Mai. Raghu comes there and says Mai says severe words. Dhanak says she will transform, I comprehended her integrity when I invested energy with you, I saw

my mom in her, we had great recollections in most recent 3 days. Raghu says overlook it. Dhanak says no, I am her girl in law and she needs to acknowledge it sometime in the future. Raghu says dont cry. Dhanak says I cannot conceal my tears from you. He says grin. She says no. Raghu says imagine a scenario where I state I have returned to satisfy your guarantees. I will begin getting down to business from tomorrow. Dhanak feels that I will admit my adoration tomorrow first thing.

In morning, Dhanak thinks to admit her affection to Raghu yet disclose to Mai first. She brings Mahrashtri nourishment for Mai. Mai says Maya made it? its great. Dhanak says I made it. Mai says its not great. Dhanak causes her to eat from her hands. Mai scowls at her however eats. Dhanak says I need to converse with you. Mai says you are here to talk once more? Dhanak says I.. Raghu.. Mai says let me watch coordinate. Dhanak says its regarding your child and me. Mai says its not my issue. She moves for match. Dhanak grins and hits the dance floor with her. Dhanak leaves. Mai sees nourishment plate and begins eating.

Dhanak goes to her room and hears Raghu singing I am infatuated in washroom. Dhanak reddens and shakes her head. Raghu leaves washroom. Dhanak shies and dismisses yet he holds her dress dori and draw her closer. Raghu draws close to Dhanak from behind, yeh moh ke dhaage plays. He ties her dori. Dhanak grins and keeps running from that point. Raghu says she was becoming flushed.. it implies yes.

Mai gets stomach torment and says Dhanak more likely than not blended something in sustenance. Bai says I ate as well. Mai comes to washroom. Maya is inside. Dhanak comes there and asks what was the deal? Mai says your sustenance gave me stomach torment. Maya leaves washroom. Mai goes in. Dhanak brings drug for her. Mai says you are ridiculing me? She takes medication. Raghu calls Dhanak.

Raghu offers telephone to Dhanak. Dhanak gets chief’s call. Magistrate requests that her carry her significant other to police headquarters. She says why? He says simply bring him.

PRECAP-Dhanak reveals to Raghu that magistrate called us both. Raghu says we didnd do anything incorrectly so dont stress. Dhanak supposes consider the possibility that we are in a bad position once more. Magistrate discloses to Dhanak that she doesnt comprehend what is doing a fraction of the time. A young lady enters chawl in cover.

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