Gathbandhan 10th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghu Keeps Praising Dhanak

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Scene 1
Raghu comes to chawl. Mai says what is this? Magistrate says we got 5 boxes of gold from him. Tawre says there were 5 boxes? Raghu says I had one box just and its with police now. He murmurs to Tawre that I have covered up other 4. Tawre says he is lying, I realize that. Official says what are you saying? Raghu says I took just 1 box, I stole it from your home. Tawre yells that I had 5 boxes at my home, ask your mom. All are stunned. Mai and Dhanak grins at his admission in annoyance. Tawre hacks. Dhanak says wow Tawre admitted himself, yes there were 5 boxes and its with police now. Mai says you? Dhanak says I met Raghu outside Tawre’s home and saw him with boxes so I educated him regarding you and Mai and revealed to him that we are on same mission then I made arrangement with Raghu and Raghu

gave all cases to magistrate. Tawre attempts to leave yet Raghu stops him. Dhanak says Tawre has done numerous different wrongdoings. Geeta says she is correct, he used to compromise us. Dhanak brings his wrongdoing documents. Official asks Dhanak to capture him. Tawre murmurs to magistrate that I can give you cash, dont let her capture me. Dhanak snatches his hand and says I finished my test. She captures him. Mai sings you will decay in prison now, you completed an oversight by peering toward my child. Dhanak says individuals lose way of truth on account of individuals like you, my better half was never wrong, you completed a slip-up by attempting to trap Raghu. Chief says Tawre you offended us, I will ensure you get rebuffed. Raghu holds Dhanak’s hand and grins. Mai looks on. all salute to Dhanak. Mai salutes excessively. Tawre says I am going today however I will be back and will see all of you. Tawre is removed. Mai embraces Raghu. Raghu grins at Dhanak.

Scene 2

Dhanak is cooking in her dad’s home. She makes Mahindra and Sejal eat. Dhanak reviews Tawre offending him and holds his hand. She gets passionate and says I am extremely heartbroken, you needed to wear sleeves as a result of me. Mahindra says I can give life for your bliss. Dhanak says I am so upbeat today. They listen to music and happen to house to see entire chawl moving.

Dhanak and Sejal comes in capacity. Sejal hits the dance floor with Aslam. Raghu hits the dance floor with Dhanak. Mai feels that my child is moving to Dhanak’s tune once more. I may have won against Tawre by being with Dhanak however lost Raghu, he will move to her guarantees soon.

Mai and family is in parlor. Dhanak offers sheera to everybody. She takes liquor from Mai and requests that her eat it. Raghu says Dhanak demonstrated that she is correct and I wasn’t right, he retires from her. Dhanak says truth never lose in this world. Mai says you continue saying exchanges. Raghu says she is in every case right. Dhanak grins. Maya says dont continue commending her, this arrangement wouldnt accomplishment without Mai. dhanak says you are correct, she ensured we won in this arrangement. She causes her to eat sheera. Raghu expresses gratitude toward Mai. She says you are my child. Raghu says you will acknowledge Dhanak now? Mai looks on.

PRECAP-Dhanak says to Mai that overlook old things, we will begin again, we can have mother-girl connection. Mai says alright, will you find employment elsewhere? Dhanak looks on.

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