Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Rivaaj Accepts To His Crimes Shocking Everyone

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 11th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Raghav disclosing to Rani that Anjali left some place with her gear, no one realized where is she? Rani says any place she goes, she will come back to frighten Rivaaj. She will be fine. Raghav says it is excessively perilous, it was a decent possibility. Rani says everything will occur according to our arrangement. Shivraj calls Raghav on to the stage and acquaints him with his visitors. He says Raghav is entirely mindful and he is glad to tell that he is joining his gathering soon. He says afterall just a child can lower father’s weight. Premraj asks Rivaaj to come and have some natural air outside. Rivaaj is disturbed and will not go. He discovers somebody fleeing and goes upstairs. He considers Rani to be controlled by Anjali and snickering. Rani calls him Rivaaj and takes a gander at him. She says I got you at long last, today is the moon

overshadowed night. She says today I can take you to my reality with me and after that my spirit will get moksha. Rivaaj is frightened and requests that her stay off from him. Rani requests that he draw close to her and says lets join this evening. Rivaaj is terrified and runs ground floor. Rani additionally goes.

Rivaaj comes to Shivraj and takes cover behind him. He requests that he spare him and says she came to slaughter me. Rani comes there and alarms him with her eyes. Rivaaj gets frightened and tosses something on Rani, yet she moves and it hits on the visitor’s temple. Premraj, Premlatha and Rukmani hold Rivaaj. Raghav asks what’s going on with you? Shivraj asks what was the deal? Premlatha says somebody is frightening him. Rani asks Rivaaj for what reason he is frightened of her. Rivaaj says she needed to slaughter me on moon obscured night. Raghav makes the light fall on premlatha. Rivaaj tells Premlatha, Anjali apparition entered you. He requests that they avoid them. Rukmani says Rivaaj is carrying on like Raghav. Rani says we will get Rivaaj treated by a similar specialist who had treated Raghav. Rivaaj tumbles down oblivious. Rani asks Shivraj to call Doctor. Shivraj says everybody will get opportunity to talk. Raghav says we will call specialist from behind entryway. Dadi requests that they take Rivaaj to room and tells visitors that he is unwell. Rani goes upstairs. Rivaaj gains awareness in his room and gets himself attached to the bed. Rani comes and requests that he draw close to her. She says we will make the other world together.

Rivaaj says I won’t accompany you and asks her not to draw close to him. He sees Anjali and after that Rani. Raghav is gleaming the lights outside utilizing the catch. Rivaaj says I will murder Rani like I slaughtered Anjali. Rani strolls towards him. Rivaaj yells for assistance. Shivraj and others come there. Rivaaj discloses to him that Rani has Anjali’s phantom in him. Rani asks them not to free his hands and says he can assault them. Rivaaj says I am sans fine my hands. Raghav says there is an answer and call the specialist. Premlatha says he is a similar specialist. Rani says he had treated Raghav. Rivaaj reviews him. Rani says Raghav is fine and standing infront of us. This specialist is great. Shivraj requests that Doctor treat him. Specialist says I watched him, his condition is not kidding. He is appearing of Paraonoia, psychological sickness. He says there is no certification that he will be fine and says his body is solid so the treatment will be electric stuns. Rivaaj takes steps to slaughter the specialist and says I am not frantic. Raghav says we are with you. Specialist says in the event that we require some investment, at that point Rivaaj can assault others. Rani says this is the correct treatment. Specialist brings his machine.

He makes Rivaaj wear the electric stun protective cap. Rivaaj says this specialist is extortion, he took cash from Rani to give me electric stun. Shivraj requests that Doctor make his specialist fine. Rivaaj says no. He says Rani is doing this with the goal that I confide in the apparition story. Rani asks how might you be so certain? Rivaaj says I know him. Rani says how would you realize that this specialist is phony and prepares to do any treatment. Rivaaj says I gave him cash to make Raghav frantic and approaches in the event that she is rendering retribution for him. Everybody is stunned. Rani takes a gander at Raghav. She asks Rivaaj for what reason did you do this? Rivaaj says I needed to get you, just I have the privilege on you. Rukmani gets stunned. Shivraj says Rivaaj. Rani says that is the reason you used to tail me. Rivaaj says truly, I was tailing you and was near get you, yet Raghav came inbetween us. Rani says what regarding Anjali? Rivaaj says I executed her and says on the off chance that I had hitched her, at that point how might I wedded you. He says I slaughtered her. He at that point understands that he has admitted to every one of his wrongdoings and gets stunned. He says everything occurred unintentionally. Dadi says how could you to make my amazing child distraught. Rivaaj says I am under the medication impact and haven’t murdered anybody. He acts languid. Rani says it was my arrangement to make Rivaaj recollect Anjali’s passing and alarm him so he can admits his wrongdoings with his mouth. Premlatha says this young lady is catching my child, my child can’t do this. Raghav says he has effectively done this, I have seen him doing tricks against me and hurting me.

Precap: Shivraj gets angry and tosses Rivaaj out of Shivraj Mansion. Rani says at last your shrewd truth is out infront of everybody and shuts the entryway all over. Rivaaj looks irately.

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