Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 10th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Rivaaj Goes Insane Scared About Anjali’s Spirit

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 10th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Dadi requesting that everybody do the gathering enrichments well and asks Rukmani and Rani, on the off chance that they saw the nourishment game plans. Rukmani says yes. Raghav comes and says there will be fun and numerous turns in the gathering and requests that they come and take the veil. Premlatha asks what? Raghav requests that her take it. Premlatha and others take the veil. Tashi trusts Rivaaj ends up typical once more. Raghav says nothing will happen to Rivaaj as we are with him and says truth dependably win. Premlatha wears cover and gazes Rani. She says she is the one taking a gander at Rani. Rani falls on her feet and apologizes. Dadi gives her property papers and apologizes to her. Premlatha gets upbeat and shoots Rani and Dadi with the firearm. She leaves her creative mind when Dadi calls her. Dadi requests that her wear cover in the

party and requests that her ensure Rivaaj doesn’t do anything. Premlatha says alright.

Rukmani comes to room and sees Rivaaj appealing to the God. He has kept numerous God symbols and the religious photograph outlines all around the room. She says I brought shock for you. Rivaaj asks where did you go disregarding me and says if Anjali comes here. Rukmani says no one can come, I am with you. He embraces her. Rukmani demonstrates the veil and says we will wear this in gathering. Rivaaj says I won’t come. Rukmani says Anjali can’t do anything when everybody is near. Rivaaj says you have turned out to be developed and advises that he will go to the gathering. He attempts the cover. Rukmani looks on.

Tashi asks Rani what to wear? Rani encourages her select the dress. Tashi says I wish you would have helped Rivaaj and says no one accept on phantom, don’t have the foggiest idea what befallen him. Rani says a few people get terrified of their own karma and says the wrong doings appear as phantom. She says she trusts that Rivaaj’s everything strain will be gone in this gathering.

Dadi calls Shivraj and tells about Rivaaj’s frenzy. She says he called the Tantrik yesterday. She tells that they host kept the gathering to make individuals believe that all is well in the house. Rukmani expedites something and keeps table. She says don’t have the foggiest idea how Rivaaj is accepting on the apparition, in spite of the fact that he is solid. Premlatha comes and chastens Rukmani. She says she will call ghade rib baba. Dadi requests that her be peaceful and not to advise anything to Rivaaj. She says she hosts kept this get-together so that Rivaaj shows signs of improvement.

Rani leaves restroom, toweling her hairs. Raghav takes a gander at her and gets hypnotized seeing her. yeh moh ke dhaage plays… .Raghav couldn’t keep his eyes off her and slams into the entryway. He signs Rani and goes to washroom. Rani prepares and attempts to zip her dress. Raghav turns out from restroom and causes her. The tune keeps on playing. Raghav takes a gander at Rani and contacts her cheeks and hair. Rani says thanks to her. She says gathering will begin in at some point and Rivaaj’s fact will be out. Raghav gestures his head. Rani requests that he prepare and says she will call Anjali. Raghav grins feeling timid about his affections for Rani.

The visitors desire the disguise party. Shivaj comes and welcomes Dadi. He welcomes the visitors. Tashi makes him wear cover. They ask where is Raghav? The visitor asks where is Raghav? Rani and Raghav come there. Dadi says he is our Shaan, my excellent child. The visitor says that Rani and Raghav are impeccable couple. Premlatha says even my child is attractive. Rivaaj comes holding Rukmani’s hand. He tosses gangajal on everybody and says she won’t come now. Premlatha says he is sprinkling fragrance on all of you. Raghav discloses to Rani that he is feeling great seeing Rivaaj broken. Rani says he will admit to every one of his wrongdoings and afterward our arrangement will be effective. The visitors compliment Rani and Raghav’s Jodi. Some of them tattle that senior child recovered, and Rivaaj got frantic at this point. Tashi declares paper move rivalry. Rivaaj says he won’t do. Rukmani says in the event that you are with me, at that point Anjali can’t do anything. Rivaaj lifts her platitude he will move. Raghav requests that Rani hit the dance floor with him. Tune plays tu Nazam sa… ..Rani and Raghav move. Rivaaj embraces Rukmani being frightened and move. Tashi requests that they overlap the paper and come nearer. Everybody is out of game with the exception of Rani and Raghav. Tashi declares them as champ.

Raghav discloses to Rani that Anjali isn’t found and went some place with her gear. He says no one knows where she went.

Precap: Rukmani tells that Rivaaj is carrying on like Raghav in the gathering. Rani says we will get a similar specialist who treated Raghav. Specialist comes and is going to give him electric stun. Rivaaj reveals to Shivraj that Rani called the specialist to make him frantic and admits to his wrongdoing.

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