Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 12th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhruv, Jahnvi’s Romantic Moment

Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 12th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Jahnvi is caught up with looking through piece of information in Manohar’s room when somebody goes into room. She gets strained seeing Kavya who asks what is she doing here. Jahnvi says she came to look through sign with the assistance of which Manohar did such a major outrage. Kavya illuminates that she looked through this spot yesterday and discovered 3 documents and she offered them to chief. Janvi embraces her smoldering indignantly, at that point changes her tone and expresses gratitude toward her for sparing her life. Kavya says she is the mainstay of this house and did as such much for her and Aarush, she can do at any rate this much for her; she saw her strained since a couple of days when Manohar was around her. Jahnvi supposes she ought not consider Kavya as idiotic and ought to be cautious, Ishani was correct with respect to Kavya. Kavya leaves to offer milk to Aarush. Jahnvi furiously breaks things

in room and yells Manohar spoilt all his arrangement, she does nnot comprehend what information he had assembles which Raghav has now.

PK accumulates family and asks Jahnvi for what valid reason Manohar attempted to slaughter her. Jahnvi says Manohar called her a couple of days back and told he has proof against PK identified with Dr. Ashok Sharm’a murder; Manohar knew whether he had extorted PK, PK would have executed him, so he coerced her and she took 51 lakhs from PK and offered it to Manohar, she didn’t have some other choice. Kabir thinks back columnists examining PK concerning mishap occurred in his medication production line 20 years prior and questions PK. PK says nothing had happened at that point, it was criminal Dr. Ashok Sharma’s misstep and everybody think about it, he is blameless. Jahnvi and Ishani stand smoldering in annoyance hearing that.

Dadaji goes into flashback 20 years go where PK says in the event that he had concurred that Dr. Ashok Sharma is guiltless and he is the offender. Chanda says PK took right choice as indicated by business needs. Dadaji and Suman face him that he upheld him accepting his falsehoods, offended Ashok and discarded his girls; god won’t excuse them. PK says it is god’s desire. Dadaji says it isn’t god’s desire, he will proceed to uncover truth before everybody. PK says on the off chance that he does as such, they will be on street. Dadaji says this time he will stay silent, however god will rebuff PK for his wrongdoings.

Jahnvi thinks entire family bolstered PK and all are heathens, they all slaughtered her dad and she will rebuff them all.

Raghav peruses record and figures in what capacity can Pooja Sharma be alive. Dhruv sees Jahnvi’s school photograph on floor and supposes she is excellent since school days, he requested that her demonstrate her young pics, however she didn’t. Jahnvi strolls towards him, and he conceals photograph in his wallet. She asks what is he stowing away in his wallet. He gets sentimental with her, clearing her tresses adulates her excellence, inquires as to whether she adores him or not. She changes theme and says he can’t indicate what he covered up in her wallet. He says overlook wallet and admits that he can follow her area by means of his versatile and could contact her yesterday with it. Jahnvi vapor in indignation, however controls her appearances. Dhruv switches off track and apologizes her for following her area.

Kabir plays carrom with Jay and Sonali. Kavya strolls to him and inquires as to whether he can go with her some place out. Aarush strolls in and inquires as to whether Veer/Kabir can take him to class. Jay says let Kabir bhaiya go with Kavya bhabhi, let us play cricket. Aarush concurs and leaves with Jay and Sonali while Kabir leaves with Kavya. Jahnvi sees Raghav conveying documents to PK’s room and supposes he should convey records and thinks these must be evidence against her.

Precap: Ishani stands up to Suman that old Suman is recovering and Jahnvi is getting sick, Kavya is changing entire house. Suman hdies meds in vase when Jahnvi strolls in. Suman says Kavya proposed her not to have meds. Jahnvi embraces her and says Kavya is so great, she is changing our home.

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