Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kabir Consoles Dhruv

Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 11th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Kavya picks Pooja Sharm’s document from Manohar’s room and opens it to check when Aarush strolls in calling her. She drops grind down. Aarush asks what happened to Badimaa/Jahnvi. Kavya says badimaa is resting. He asks then for what good reason individuals are around her as opposed to letting her rest. She requests that he proceed to play, and he flees. She picks documents and seeing PK and Raghav illuminates that she heard their discussion and went to Manohar’s room and discovered 3 records in his trunk. Raghav takes documents and says he will think about them and educates PK. She at that point strolls into Jahnvi’s room. PK asks her which oil does she use. She says amla oil. He recommends her to utilize almond oil, he can endure her in this house in the wake of sparing Jahnvi. Raghav takes record to his home and wards off it.

Dhruv cries seeing Ishani’s condition. Kabir and Jay comfort him. Dhruv inquires as to why Manohar needed to slaughter Jahnvi and Ishani. Kabir says they will discover. Kabir then strolls to Kavya with milk. She says she doesn’t need milk. He says it is for him and tastes it, at that point requests that her taste it. She tastes it. He demands her to complete it and says thanks to her for sparing Jahnvi. Kavya sits with Jahnvi dealing with her. Oblivious Jahnvi yells Ran run.Rani run… Kavya asks her what occurred, on the off chance that she is fine. Jahnvi gets quiet once more. Later in garden, Kabir and Kavya are caught up with examining why Manohar more likely than did whatever it takes not to slaughter Jahnvi when Ishani races to him freezing and asks where is Jahnvi, in the event that she is fine. Kabir inquires as to why Manohar needed to murder her and Jahnvi. Ishani goes about as having memory misfortune. Kabir supports her and sends her to her room.

Raghav gets vigorously intoxicated and checks documents. He checks 2 documents and when he opens Pooja Sharma’s record, he nods off. Next morning, Jahnvi awakens. Dhruv gets passionate and says if something had happened to her, how might have he driven his existence without her, he cherishes her a ton, yet she doesn’t confide in him, he will till she constructs trust on him. After at some point, Jahnvi strolls into Manohar’s room and with her clever articulations and discoursed insults Manohar’s photoframe, at that point scans for sign. Somebody goes into room and she gets strained.

Precap: Jahnvi deceives PK that Manohar had some proof against PK with respect to Dr. Ashok Sharma’s homicide. Raghav peruses Pooja Sharma’s document and takes it to PK’s room. Jahnvi acknowledges he should convey that document.

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