Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 10th June 2019 Written Episode Update: PK Does The Unthinkable

Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 10th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Jahnvi cuts Manohar’s foot over and over in lieu of bowing before him. Manohar drops his firearm and yells in torment. Jahnvi picks weapon and says game can change whenever. Dhruv driving vehicle educates PK that Jahnvi’s versatile sign was some place around this spot. Manohar incites Jahnvi to shoot him on the off chance that she can, however she can’t as she is faithful Doctor’s girl. Jahnvi’s hands shudder. Ishani asks Jahnvi to shoot him as he is playing with her mind. Manohar proceeds with how he murdered her dad and consumed their home, and so on. Jahnvi keeps freezing. Manohar grabs weapon from her and proceeding with his gabbing shoots at Jahnvi. Blood sprinkles all over. Ishani yells no… didi. PK comes to on schedule and shoots Manohar. Manohar falls dead. Ishani hit

by shot on her neck crumples and falls towards bluff when Kavya runs and protects her holding her hand. Dhruv then keeps running towards Ishani and argues Ishani to open her eyes. He at that point races to Ishani and salvages her. PK calls police chief Raghav and educates that one regarding his dedicated pooch Manohar had gone frantic and he needed to shoot his canine. They take Jahnvi home and gets her treated by specialist. Specialist says slug hit Jahnvi’s neck and got away, she will be alert in at some point. PK asks Raghav on the off chance that he knows for what good reason he spared Jahnvi, Mayor races are headed and no one at home will talk about it, Raghav ought to enter in his report as mishap. Dadaji says he dealt with Manohar like his kid, don’t have the foggiest idea why he deceived them. Dhruv requests that they keep quiet and let his better half rest.

Suman says thanks to Kavya for sparing Jahnvi. Kabir strolls to Ishani’s room and sees her mumbling subliminally to spare her. He holds her hand and says she is fine. Kavya sees that and strolls revealed to her room broke. She recalls Jahnvi’s blood from Jahnvi’s neck and feeling bleary eyed tumbles down and just before her head hits ground Kabir holds her and says she saw blood out of the blue and it isn’t typical for her, notwithstanding during his first experience he felt same, so she will be okay soon. He further educates that he is heading off to the homicide spot to discover why Manohar sold out them.

Kavya strolls in passage and hears PK disclosing to Raghav that he will get Manohar’s room looked at to discover any intimation. She strolls into Manohar’s room and searches it, discovers 3 records in a trunk, one with Pooja Sharma/Jahnvi’s subtleties. She picks them and strolls towards PK and Raghav.

Precap: Javya illuminates PK and Raghav that she heard their discussion, so she looked through Manohar’s room and discovered 3 documents in his trunk. Raghav takes records with him and intoxicated during the evening checks Pooja Sharma’s document.

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