Divya Drishti 9th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Anjan Saves Everyone

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Scene 1
Divya and Drishti place the ratna in the sanctuary. Drishti says Bholay nath if Pisachini has it she will demolish the world you made. If you don’t mind secure it on the grounds that no one but you can. They hold hand and pledge that they wont release this Ratan in wrong hand and battle for it till final gasp. The ratna lights. The light goes in their grasp. Drishti says bholay nath acknowledged our promise. Drishti’s temple and Divya’s hands light. Drishti says charan jeet said on the off chance that we ensure this ratan our forces will stay with us.
Pisachini says I couldn’t do it by what method will you? What are you arranging. He says I am not doing anything. On the off chance that I need to do everything for what reason would you say you are pisachhini, at that point? I can be Pisachin. Pisachini throttles him. she says demonstrate to me your face. He says I wont demonstrate to you my face we never had

such arrangements. First be commendable enough and make your forces appear.

Drishti is endeavoring to rest. She sees a mishap. Drishti says who is there.. It’s Rakshit. He says sorry to learn. I was searching for prescriptions for Simran. Drishti says I have medications. Drshti says where did you discover her?? He says held tight an extension. Express gratitude toward God I discovered her else she would have fallen.

Ojaswami is crying. Mahima says eat something please. Take a gander at how my girl is. My heart is crying when I see simi. She isn’t conversing with me. Shekhar says she will be fine. On table, Drishti pulls the seat. Magma sits on it beside Rakshit. Magma says see her face she couldn’t care less. Rakshit says let me go offer drugs to Simran. Drishit says I will. She goes upstairs. Divya pursues her.

Drishti comes to Simran. Simran shout.. Se says spare me. Kindly don’t murder me. Drishit says it’s us. I am Drishti. If it’s not too much trouble reveal to me what occurred. Divya says do you saw that face of the individual who assaulted you? Divya says did she have a consumed eye? Sirman shouts. She throttles them. Divya says what’s going on with you.. Simran leave Drishti. Simran throttles them and says I will execute you both. Divya pushes her. simran sits on her bed and cries. She sees Pisachini. Divya says simran nobody is there. Pisachin says I am here. You wanted to execute Pisachini? See I am back. drishti says and see my Divya is back as well. Divya says what did you do to Simran. Pisachini says reveal to me where my kaal ratan is., or I will slaughter you both. Simran shouts. Pisachini leaves. Everybody comes up. Ojaswani says the end result for her. See her condition. They call emergency vehicle. Pisachini says this what I needed. Drishti says gives up in the vehicle. Rakshit says there are offices in the rescue vehicle. Mahima says you wont go anyplace. Remain here. rakshit says to Drishit mother said you aren’t going.

Rakshit sits in rescue vehicle. Divya and Shekhar tail them in the vehicle. Dristhi says I how would I go. I must be there. Pisachini says all your family beyond words that emergency vehicle. My enchantment is going with them. Drishti is concerned. She searches for a best approach out. Drishti calls Divya and says ensure emergency vehicle doesn’t go up the speed of 60.

Everybody is with Simran. Ojaswani says please drive quick. Pisachini says to Drishti give me kaal vijay or your entire family incredible. Divya says shekhar call Rakshit and request that he hinder the speed of the rescue vehicle. Rakshit picks the call. He says everybody’s life is in threat please hinder the vehicle. Rakshit says we need to achieve the clinic. Shekhar says I will clarify later. If it’s not too much trouble slower down the emergency vehicle.

Drishti sees Rakshit coming in. He says everybody passed on. I lost everybody as a result of you. I loathe you. Drishti says I won’t go. It’s Pisachini. Drishti says your arrangement fizzled. Your arrangement was feeble. I realized it wasn’t Rakshit. Pisachini says this was the last time you saw him. He will kick the bucket today. Your whole in laws will kick the bucket today. Drisht says shut up.

Everybody begins hacking in the emergency vehicle. There is noxious gas in it. Divya says they are going so quick. Shekhar says they are going towards the precipice.

Pisachini says in what capacity will you stop this? Drishti says I will stop this. Drishti runs. Pisachin says how could she run so quick? Kal vijay made her so amazing?

Everybody is hacking the rescue vehicle. The speed leaves control. Rakshit says control the vehicle. Divya says I need to stop them. Shekhar says no.. The emergency vehicle comes towards them. They spare their vehicle. Rescue vehicle goes towards bluff. Divya and Shekhar leave the vehicle. Shekhar says kindly do soemthing. Divya pulls the emergency vehicle. She says for what reason isn’t it pulling. Divya says for what reason aren’t they turning out? Shekhar sees in. He says everybody has swooned inside. Divya says I can’t do this. It isn’t moving. Anjan comes there. Divya says what are you doing here you miscreant. She says di don’t give him a chance to draw close to the emergency vehicle. Anjan spares the rescue vehicle. Drishti picks the chain. Divya says di please offer it to Shekhar not this veiled man. He is with Pisachini. He will slaughter everybody. Shekhar says whose side are you on. Divya says no.. Anjan pulls the rescue vehicle. He falls. drishti falls on him. Shekhar says who are you. He says let me go. divya says you need to demonstrate to us your face. Drishti says stop. Shekhar says disclose to us who are you with. Dristhi says he spared our family.. Shekhar says everybody is still blacked out. Drishti says please wake them all up then we will release you. He awakens. Divya says for what reason did you come in the middle of di. We could see his face. Shekhar takes everybody out.

Scene 2

Pisachini says they are spared they needed to bite the dust. whose side would you say you are on? Anjan says I am my ally as it were. Their forces have increased. Pisachini says not more than me. I will make an arrangement that will break them. Anjan leaves. Piscahini says where did he go.

Ojaswani cries. She says we were going to clinic in that emergency vehicle. at that point what was the deal? Mahima says I don’t comprehend anything either. Simran’s in laws call. Mahima picks. She says pandit ji gave date of commitment following seven days. We will come today for bangles. Simran will look over them. Mahima says we are going to sanctuary. She says we can come there as well. Mahima says then returned home.

Drishti dresses Divya’s injury. She shouts. Drishti says quit acting like a kid. Divya says who is he? Why he spared every one of us. Drishti says Anjan. Divya says do you know him? Drishti says it doesn’t make a difference. It just issues that everybody is sheltered. Divya says for what reason are you dissolving for him. You have a spouse. Drishti says shut up. Divya embraces her and says I disclosed to you we will be as one. Divya says I feel so solid since we place the ratan in sanctuary.

Anjan enters the sanctuary. He does tandav. He removes his cover. It’s Rakshit.

Precap-Simran’s MIL comes and says where is Simran? Ojaswani says she is dozing. Simran comes ground floor. Her MIL says pick your bangle. Simran says the dark one. Divya says you need rest. She says hang and pass on. Everybody is stunned. Mahima says come let us demonstrate to you the wedding dress. Simran says over the scaffold. Her significant other to be says what connect? She says you will discover me on that side of the scaffold.

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