Daayan 9th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Jahnvi Is Dead?

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Brijesh chachu comes back to family and illuminates that Aakarsh denied to help as he has lost his memory. Narendra asks in what manner will they spare Jahnvi now. Brijesh says they need to get back Aakarsh’s memory by one way or another. Prachi recommends on the off chance that they can discover system of penance, they can spare Jahnvi by destroying it. Brijesh says they need to enter daayan lok and for that he needs to peruse tantrik baba’s book who has gone to daayan lok commonly with his tantra/enchantment. He clarifies they ought to perform pooja with shut eyes to reach daayan lok. Pritvhi contradicts and says Brijesh chachu dependably utilizes substantial words which they can’t see, better they capture Aakarsh and power Daayan to free Jahnvi. Taimaa chastens that Aakarsh is additionally daayan and he can execute them in one go. Prithvi leaves saying he doesn’t need

to be a piece of their distraught show. Chandrika sees that and considers demolishing their pooja. Aakarsh in his room awakens and discovers Satroopa lying beside him, supposes in the event that he is hitched to Satroopa, at that point why he is recalling Jahnvi. Satroopa awakens. he educates her what he is feeling. Satroopa says Jahnvi with her dark enchantment is deluding him. Aakarsh trusts her, yet hears Jahnvi calling him.

Asha Daayan begins devastating Jahnvi’s 5 detects. First she demolishes her touch sense, at that point hearing sense and asks now she knows how she felt caught in mirror. Brijesh performs pooja with relatives lounging around havan and requests that they serenade mantras with shut eyes. Defensive boundary conforms to Jahnvi with pooja’s capacity. Asha daayan is stunned to see that and by means of dark enchantment sees Jahnvi’s family attempting to ensure Jahnvi. When they begin, Chandrika enters and consumes a hover around them to come up short their pooja. Prithvi enters yelling he won’t let her come up short pooja for her sister’s life and hits her. She falls oblivious. He sets off flame with flame quencher and joins family in pooja. Daayan comes up short their pooja by means of tempest and wrecks Jahnvi’s residual detects. Brijesh ends up incapacitated after fizzled pooja. Aakarsh faculties Jahnvi stuck in an unfortunate situation and feels uneasy. Satroopa asks what befell him. He says he believes he knows Jahnvi from ages and leaves room. Prachi sees Aakarsh leaving his room and energetically educates family that Aakarsh more likely than not gone spare Jahnvi; however he lost his memory, regardless he adores Jahnvi intuitively.

Aakarsh comes to daayan lok and asks Daayan what’s going on with she. Daayan says she is yielding Jahnvi as Jahnvi had caught her in a mirror. She closes Jahnvi’s every one of the 5 faculties and penances her totally. She at that point calls Patalini and presents her Jahnvi’s spirit. Patalini acknowledges her spirit and gives her aid of immportality. Aakarsh stands tragic seeing Jahnvi dead. Daayan bounces in joy and illuminates she is eternal now, if Aakarsh is disturbed. Aakarsh says he is, however does not know why he is feeling pitiful seeing Jahnvi dead. Daayan believes Jahnvi’s affection did not leave Aakarsh in memory misfortune. Jahnvi’s family rigidly hangs tight for Aakarsh to come back with Jahnvvi and seeing unpropitious signs get stressed for Jahnvi. Satroopa strolls to them and says resembles her fantasy worked out as expected, Jahnvi must have kicked the bucket. Family argues not to say that. Satroopa comes back to her room. Aakarsh brings Jahnvi’s deadbody. Family breaks seeing that. Prithvi junks Aakarsh saying his mom executed Jahnvi and he is likewise mindful. Satroopa strolls in and rebuffs Prithvi. Narendra argues her to save her child as he doesn’t need any more incidents in the wake of losing Jahnvi. Satroopa comes back to her room and indignantly breaks things thinking even after Jahnvi kicked the bucket, she isn’t escaping Aakarsh’s life. Aakarsh envisions Jahnvi who requests that he recall their past and vanishes.

Family grieves Jahnvi’s demise. Narendra says he will play out Jahnvi’s last rights. Pritvhi says c chachaji is correct. Taimaa says Aakarsh is Jahnvi’s significant other and he ought to play out her last rights. Brijesh likewise flag same. Pritvhi strolls to Aakarsh and solicitations him to play out Jahnvi’s last rights according to Jahnvi’s desires. He asks in what manner can he. He genuinely argue him. He concurs. Satrupa attempts to stop him, yet he persuades even her. Family at that point take Jahnvi’s body for last rights. Panditji asks Aakarsh to play out Jahnvi’s last rights as he is her significant other. He sets fire on Jahnvi’s body and taking a gander at flame his memory returns where he weds Jahnvi and invests energy with her. He yells Jahnvi is his better half and attempts to bounce into flame, yet Veer and Harsh hold him.

Precap: Prachi sees Satroopa showibng a bloom to Chandrika and telling made Aakarsh lose his memory by means of this blossom. She shows blossom to Aakarsh and advises he lost memory in view of this bloom. Aakarsh comes to Daayan lok and stands up to Daayan for playing with her very own child’s life. Daayan rebuffs him and says is showing him out of daayan lok until the end of time.

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