Chandragupta Maurya 10th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Durdhara Offers Poison To Chandragupta

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Chanakya clarifies his group that they have just time till night and they have to discover Malayketu at any expense by jumping themselves into numerous groups. Mura reveals to Sthul that she needs to go by and by and spare Chandragupta. Sthul says she can’t go to Takshashila’s castle as it is risky for her. She says she wouldn’t fret and can even hazard her life to spare her child. Sthul says for a long time he thought Chandragupta is dead, yet her conviction brought back Chandragupta, she ought not lose trust. Durdhara offers toxin to seriously harmed Chandragupta and says it is better for him to bite the dust without a moment’s delay than being tormented by Dhananand and his group and bite the dust in extreme agony, apologizes him for the inconveniences she made. He tosses toxin bottle and says he can’t do this, everybody will pass on one day,

in any case, he can’t acknowledge a weakling’s demise, he is Chandragupta who crushed passing ordinarily. He proceeds with his long discourse and says he is prepared to battle like a warrior till his final gasp.

Dhananand with Ambhi Raj watches open air diversions in outside theater. Ambhi raj inquires as to for what reason don’t he execute Chandragupta immediately. Dhananand he is increasingly anxious to see Chandragupta dead, however need s to end Chandragupta’s reasoning first. On the opposite side, Mura reveals to Chanakya that they couldn’t discover Malaketu in the wake of looking so much, they should quit looking through him and attempt to spare Chandragupta. Chanakya says they should discover Malayketu at any expense and exits in camouflage. They achieve market, and Chankya approaches his group to scan for Malakketu in halfway houses.

Mura preparing for her wedding thinks back Chandragupta’s words that he would battle till his final gasp like a genuine warrior. Ambhi Kumar strolls in and says he has brought a unique present for his eventual spouse. Ambhi Raj strolls into prison and cuts Chandragupta with Ambhi Kumar’s blade and reminds that Chandragupta stole this blade and attempted to trap Ambhi Kumar erroneously. He requests officers to drag him to open theater. Chandragupta is brought into open theater. Dhananand addresses natives that deceiver Arya attempted to trap their ruler Ambhi Kumar in a bogus case, presently they will see him being rebuffed for his wrongdoings. He strolls to Chandragupta and expelling his chains requests to uncover his personality, else he will kick the bucket sooner than he should. Chandragupta says he ought to prepare to see an astounding fight.

Chanakya Niti: Fire will increment on the off chance that we include wood in it, comparatively in our lives we get a couple of haters who mislead and incite us and cause us to lose, so they should avoid individuals who incite us adversely.

Precap: Monster wrestler battles with Chandragupta and ruthlessly wastes him.

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