Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th June 2019 Written Episode Update : Tiwaris Feeling Of Tiredness.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Tiwari and Vibhu drinking, Tiwari sayd I heard bhabhiji is coming her business is doing incredible in Lakhimpur, Vibhu says yes she is returning, Tiwari says your long stretches of opportunity are going to be over soon. Angoori strolls to them and solicitations tiwari to come to bed soon, teases and leaves. vibhu asks tiwari for what valid reason is she so excited,and you dont look like,tiwari says even I am, vibhu says liar, you look worn out and surly. Saxena comes playing dandiya, tiwari asks what frenzy is this, saxena says I missed many celebration’s last year so making up for lost time this year bye. Vibhu says I can compose a book on him.

Tiwari strolls on room and sees angoori in ghungat however goes to hed, Angoori blows up and awakens him, Tiwari asks her what occurred, for what reason are you so energized, Angoori says I wish I could clarify

what im feeling, you know even today I have an inclination that its our first night, Tiwari says quit rambling and go to bed,all this is gibberish, the thing is I look solid yet tired from inside, Angoori gets agitated, Tiwari says for what reason be vexed, Angoori says arent you tired too soon,we didn’t have youngster as well, Tiwari says im attempting, and finding a specialist as well and heads out to rest.

Angoori comes in nursery and sees vibhu working out and says wow you are working out, Vibhu says I must be solid and new, Angoori supposes I wish even Tiwari would look so new and activities as he does, Vibhuti supposes I have established my connection time to leave, Angoori chooses to call amaji.

Angoori calls amaji. vibhu having chai pakoda, he gets a call from Anu, anu asks what’s going on with you, vibhu says sweetie im missing you,anu says so am I, and you realize I have new thing of singing old melody, Vibhu says gracious god, child yiu and singing,anu gets upset,vibhu says im clowning proceed sing a tune.

Tiwari strolls in, Vibhu puts telephone on speaker, Tiwari says wow bhabhiji you sing so well,how great,anu says thank you,vibhu what about you,vibhu says mind blowing,anu says one more, vibhu says later I have work, Tiwari says no please one more sonh,anu sings one more tune, Tiwari says awesome. Anu says I will make you call and uniquely sing for you,vibhu says child arrange issue bye.

Tiwari says for what reason did you cut the call, tiwari and vibhu get in a contention. amaji visits tiwari house, Angoori advises about the issue to amaji, Amaji says I have an answer for you,50km from here is a wild hill,has wild blooms, get them from there,make kadha of them abd offer it to tiwari,he will recapture a his quality. Angoori says yet dont tell tiwari he wont agree,amaji says dont go alone take vibhu alongside you, yet dont disclose to him for what reason are you going.

Prem contending with Denny, denny contends with prem for taking his vehicle client, prem affronts him says you merit that go do whatever you can, young men see Denny and prem battling, tilu says let him bargain prem dependably messes, Teeka says im saying lets stop the battle and not make sides,boys stride in. malkan holds denny and others leave with prem, Denny pledges to render retribution from prem.

Precap : Angoori demands Vibhu to accompany her in wildernesses.

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