Bepanah Pyaar 12th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Pragati Finds Proofs Against Sukaniya

Bepanah Pyaar 12th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Pragati is going to trade festoon however removes man of the hour’s shroud. She sees its Sanket as it were. Uncle comes there and says take a gander at him later. Pragati shakes her head and supposes what was I supposing?

In capacity, Beeji asks Gurpit (Raghbir’s uncle) about him. Raghbir comes there with Harshit and Nakul. He is smashed and says all are here. His mom requests that he quiet down. Raghbir says I am wedding Bani, I am energized. He leaves.

Sanket erroneously tosses oil on his shirt. Uncle takes him from that point. All hold up in mandap. Lucky man returns and its Sanket’s uncle in shroud and he abandoned Sanket.

Sukaniya and family touches base at scene for wedding. Raghbir comes there and embraces Sukaniya imaginging her as Bani. Sukaniya reviews how he used to admit his affection in London

whenever alcoholic. All look on.

Man of the hour hacks. Pragati reviews how uncle used to hack that way. She calls for water and requests that he drink it. She removes his cloak and its Sanket’s uncle. Pragati’s dad says you were conning, leave now. Uncle says she will wed me as it were. He slaps Pragati and says you used to visit with me. He demonstrates her messages, all are staggered. Pragati says I sent this message to Sanket. Sanket’s mom shows picture in which uncle got connected with to her. Pragati says he is lying.

Raghbir envisions Sukaniya as Bani in wedding dress and says where is minister? You are my affection. Sukaniya grins and says hang tight for at some point. Devraj says he supposes he is wedding Bani.

Pragati’s dad battles with uncle and asks PRagati to run. She attempts to run yet uncle’s goons stop her and get her dad. Uncle slaps Pragati and says you will wed me as it were.

Raghbir says to visitors that I adore my Bani, I am wedding her. All visitors are confounded and says isnt he wedding Sukaniya?

Uncle’s sister secures Pragati a room. She cries and says why this is going on with me? She reviews how she took uncle’s memory card when he slapped her. She places it in telephone and sees another person in photographs with Sukaniya and says media indicated Raghbir with Sukaniya in these photographs.. it implies she got photographs altered so it implies she was lying about Raghbir. She checks more and says now I comprehend that Sukaniya really detests Raghbir and is wedding him for retribution, she may attempt to execute him. I need to leave. Prashant (Sanket’s malicious uncle) goes to her room. He says you were fleeing? He attempts to get Pragati however she pushes him and says I know everything now, she hits him with a stick.

PRECAP-Pragati touches base at Raghbir’s wedding scene. She gets realize that Sukaniya is in washroom and bolts here there.

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