Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Ravana Tells Story Of Sureshwar.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The scene begins with ravana telling ganesh how the nateshwar symbol of mahadev, disclosed to raja himavat and devi maina the significance of marriage and the significance of supplicating and giving up the Pooja results to ganesh ji first. Ravana says nateshwar said before the wedding service and ceremonies begin, the petition to ganesh ji ought to be done and how ganesh ji turns into the vighnaharta surprisingly. Going to ganesh ji, takes care of the issues of a recently hitched couple and ganesh ji shields them from any future issues in their connection. Ganesh says I am vighakarta for just those individuals who don’t pursue dharma and are self absorbed of themselves.

Ravana recounts story of nateshwar and proceeds. Prabhu nateshwar tells raja himavat that is the manner by which the marriage between a few works. Raja himavat is

inspired and he says he nat, you appear to be a truly learned individual, pardon me that I offended you and I think twice about it. himavat says you are the commendable lucky man for my girl parvati and I acknowledge you as my child in law, sunatnartak! Devi maina is glad as well and parvati becomes flushed. Himavat says sunatnartak ji, I sense a heavenliness around you and I realize you are another person, it would be ideal if you give me the darshan of your actual structure. Mahadev uncovers his actual structure and everybody is astounded. They do pranam to mahadev and raja himavat requests pardoning for offending him previously, he never realized he was mahadev and in the event that he did he would have never said the things he said. Mahadev says no himavat ji, don’t request absolution since I needed this. I never needed you to acknowledge me as prabhu mahadev, in light of the fact that I needed to ask parvati’s turn in marriage from you like some other husband to be would thus consider me sunatnartak, what you said to me was your common response towards me as a defensive dad of a little girl.

Raja himavat says mahadev, I am prepared to give my girl in your grasp in marriage,when should the day be chosen? Mahadev says no before that, I need the marriage to go as a brahma vivah and subsequently my mom Arundhati, will come to you with my proposition for parvati, at that point the days will be chosen and the marriage will start. Raja himavat concurs.

Ravana tells ganesh, this was the account of my prabhu’s symbol of Prabhu Nateshwar. Ganesh says then now we will appeal to mahadev’s nateshwar symbol and have his darshan. Both ravana and ganesh petition the nateshwar symbol, nateshwar symbol shows up and offers favors to ravana and ganesh. Ravana gets stressed as nateshwar sees the aatma ling and blows up. Prabhu nateshwar utilizes his forces and begins pulling the aatma ling towards him. ravana is concerned and says prabhu, kindly don’t take aatma ling from me in light of the fact that mahadev himself has given me his aatma ling. Ravana says I asked and reflected to maahdev and he offered it to me as an aid. Nateshwar reviews the memory and gives aatma ling back to ravana and says you have misled Mahadev, yet you can have the aatma ling since it wont be with you for long. All things considered, the thing possessed by somebody returns to the proprietor itself. nateshwar goes.

Ravana now tells ganesh, the narrative of mahadev’s symbol of Prabhu sureshwar who was in charge of making the sea of milk. He expresses that this symbol symbolized genuineness, respect and dedication.

Ravana and ganesh plunk down to finish Pooja of mahadev. One head of ravana recounts story of sureshwar structure to ganesh. Ravana says first I will disclose to you the account of mahadev’s supporter Upmanyu. Ravana says upmanyu was the child of rishi vyagrapal. After upmanyu was conceived, rishi went for reflection and hence upmanyu’s mom dealt with him yet his mom was not competent and did nothing so they didn’t have any nourishment.

One day upmanyu gets back home and sees three pots secured and says so today we have three heavenly things for nourishment, mother please serve me, if it’s not too much trouble mother. Upmanyu’s mom is tragic and has tears and supposes what would i be able to tell my child? there is no sustenance today. Upmanyu sits and says today I will savor three dishes. His mom gives the plates and takes 3 pots to upmanyi, she opens each and upmanyu sees they are altogether unfilled. Upmanyu looks again and they are unfilled and says mother they are vacant. Upamnyu’s mom says see, we have dal, kheer and puri and they are so divya they are undetectable, you can’t see them. Mother says upmanyu, there is nourishment and I can smell it, I will serve you and you will smell it then on the grounds that lone uncommon divya kids can smell it. upmanyu’s mom serves undetectable sustenance and attempts to make upmanyu trust in it. she says now tell would you be able to smell it? upmanyu then attempts and says truly, I can smell it and mother says then have your fill child. she supposes how disastrous I am, I need to serve my child just dreams. Upmanyu’s mom gives him jaggery to eat which is all that is left.

Upmanyu goes to play with his companions, and bhima comes to play however beverages milk previously. Upmanyu watches with shock and bhima says he beverages milk regular. Upmanyu is stunned and bhima says isn’t that right? upmanyu says no, I don’t and I get milk just when somebody offers it to us. Bhima says I will bring you milk from my mom, we have numerous bovines. Upmanyu says no I previously had nourishment, he runs home and requests that his mom give him milk. Upmanyu’s mom is tragic and she says alright and gives him an unfilled pot. Upmanyu says no not heavenly drain, I need the milk which is unmistakable and from which my white mustaches will be made. Upmanyu’s mom blends wheat flour in water and provides for upmanyu.

Ravana says this would begin the occasion for mahadev to take sureshwar symbol and make a sea of milk, The Kshir sagar.

Precap: Upmanyu is ridiculed by companions as they disclose to him it is wheat flour blended in water. upmanyu asks his mom for what good reason she misled him? mother says then proceed to ask milk from that prabhu, the person who is the dad of all, Mahadev. Upmanyu goes to mahadev.

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