Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Mahadev Tests Upmanyu.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The scene begins with Chandra dev saying to upmanyu, take this brilliant pot, it has all the milk you need and with it you can support other youngsters and individuals who are poor and have constrained assets or none. Upmanyu grins and says yes I can take this pot, Chandra dev thinks my arrangement worked and upmanyu has fizzled his test as he needs this pot. Upmanyu says yet on the off chance that I take this pot, and help the penniless individuals then they will never again work and everybody who is needya dn poor should work and endeavor to pick up what they need, in the event that I help them, at that point after every single more individuals will turn destitute and there will be more neediness. Upmanyu says I will petition mahadev until he gives me darshan and request an aid to support the entire world. Chandra dev comprehends and thinks, this child upmanyu has an eternality in him, I am thankful to

have seen him implore. Chandra dev goes.

Upmanyu sits and keeps imploring. Mahadev grins and parvati says what now swami? Mahadev says upmanyu must be tried, in the event that he is sufficiently able to confront anything in light of the fact that even the intensity of his contemplation is making issues the world. Nandi comprehends and says prabhu, I will go. mahadev says yes nandi, you will proceed to test upmanyu. Nandi supposes I comprehended mahadev’s sign. Parvati says nandi ji is solid, nobody can confront him at that point by what means will upmanyu face nandi? Nandi goes and he appears as Airaavat, the elephant vahan of indra dev. Nandi goes as airaavat and says to upmanyu, kid upmanyu stop your supplications on the grounds that the intensity of your reflection is excessively solid and is alarming the divine beings, in the event that you don’t stop now, at that point I will run and smash into you and murder you. Upmanyu opens his eyes and says, airaavat ji, I am raising no ruckus to you and my petitions to mahadev are with the goal that I can have his darshan, and furthermore so I can drink milk from his hand. Upmanyu says yet I will ensure myself utilizing my reflection and its capacity. Upmanyu shuts his eyes and begins asking once more. airaavat keeps running towards upmanyu. Upmanyu supplicates and thinks and his capacity makes an exceptionally solid weapon, all the intensity of the planets is maneuvered into making the weapon. A tempest shows up and the mists thunder. The weapon made is Amoga astra. Parvati says mahadev, upmanyu has picked up your amoga astra through his contemplation. Mahadev grins. All divine beings and goddesses are stressed. Brahma dev says nobody can stop amoga astra yet mahadev himself. parvati says the time has come to intercede mahadev, generally nandi will be killed by amoga astra. Mahadev says yes and says I will appear as Devraj indra, parvati says I will appear as dev sachi. Both mahadev and parvati go.

Mahadev shows up as indra dev and parvati as devi sachi. Mahadev remains before the amoga astra and takes it inside himself. upmanyu gets up. Mahadev as devraj indra says, kid upmanyu stop this reflection as this power is upsetting the divine beings, you set out to stop my vahan airaavat. Upmanyu says however what’s up have I done? I am asking and pondering to my prabhu bholenath, I simply need to drink a bowl of milk from his hand then for what reason would it be a good idea for me to stop? Indra dev says request absolution since you are qualified for discipline now, I will rebuff you. upmanyu says for what reason should I be rebuffed when all I am asking is my dad to show up, mahadev is the dad of all and mine as well. I am simply going to my dad with the goal that I drink a bowl of milk from his hand, and I won’t stop. Upmanyu shuts his eyes. Mahadev grins yet keeps on testing upmanyu and he expels Vajra astra and gathers lightning. Devi sachi tells upmanyu, youngster request absolution from airaavat ji and stop this, you will be sheltered, don’t make indra dev utilize his lightning on you. upmanyu says devi, your eyes mirror a similar love as my mom, I see you are concerned for me yet you shouldn’t as mahadev will ensure me. upmanyu then observes the intensity of indra dev, mahadev assaults lightning and mountains get crushed. Upmanyu then says prabhu, you appear to be relentless and ground-breaking, the master of the world. Upmanyu says he prabhu Sureshwar, all divine beings and goddesses state the name and parvati thinks youthful upmanyu has given a wonderful name to this type of mahadev. Upmanyu says prabhu pardon and I ask absolution from you and airaavat ji. Mahadev is awed by upmanyu.

Precap: Mahadev favors upmanyu and gives him a help, a sea of milk named kshir sagar and mahadev himself feeds milk to upmanyu from a bowl.

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