Shakti 10th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Harman Sneak In Kinnar’s Home To Kidnap Soumya

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The Episode begins with Soumya wishing great morning to Vedant. Vedant says you are bizarre, yesterday I made you leave, yet you came back once more. Soumya says she has beautified his stay with blossoms and opened the windows for the characteristic light. She says I am your overseer from today. Vedant blows up and requests that her toss the blooms. He calls his Servant. Soumya says she will toss it out. Mr. Bansal comes and asks what was the deal? Soumya says nothing. Vedant discloses to him that now he comprehended why he kept kinnar as guardian. He says he will affront her so seriously that she will go crying. Mr. bansal asks him for what valid reason he kept such a great amount of harshness in him. Vedant inquires as to whether love will occur in his heart. Mr. Bansal comes to Soumya and asks her not to lose heart.

Harman asks Raavi and Sindhu to posture selfies with the pictures.

Raavi requests that he hold up till night. A fb is appeared, Soumya comes in the wake of washing. Harman comes and tells that he will cause his Gulabo to prepare with his hand. Tu hey mera khuda plays… .Harman expresses gratitude toward Mata Rani for making his lovely Gulabo only for him and wishes her cheerful birthday. Fb closes. She supposes Harman can’t overlook my birthday and supposes she needs him to come infront of her and wish her glad birthday Gulabo.

Mr. bansal asks Soumya to serve breakfast in the event that it is prepared. Soumya goes to Vedant’s room and requests that he have sustenance in the corridor. He says he will have sustenance in the room. Soumya says I will clean the room until you eat. Soumya takes him outside to eating table. Vedant yells and says he would prefer not to have nourishment. Mr. Bansal stops him and requests that he have nourishment. Vedant eats the sustenance. Rajat meets Harak Singh. Harak singh asks what is the issue? Rajat says preeto met your attorney and got Harman and Soumya’s legal documents prepared. Harak Singh is stunned. Rajat requests that he accomplish something and spare the family. Preeto is at Lawyer’s office and manufactures Harman and Soumya’s signs. Legal advisor says separation paper will be prepared. Soumya gets a pic and thinks who is this woman. She keeps the pic in the cabinet. Vedant comes and asks what is she doing ? She says she kept his garments. He chaotic heaps up the room. Soumya lifts it up. Harman plans to hijack Soumya and take her home to cut the cake. He supposes how to head inside. He goes to kinnar’s home to seize her, yet Soumya isn’t in the room. He peeps in Saya’s room, yet Saya is resting alone. Harman gets stressed for Soumya. He look through her in the house.

Harman slams into table and the glass and container tumble down. Kinnars wake up yelling cheat. Saya turns out hearing the clamor. They see Harman’s face. Harman says I thought Gulabo is here. Saya says you are here as of now and inquires as to for what reason did you conceal your face? Harman says I came to seize my significant other and asks where is she?

Soumya asks Vedant to have medication and says then she will return home. Vedant won’t drink. Mr. bansal says I will make him drink. Soumya demands to make Vedant drink medication. Vedant won’t and requests that her stand directly there. Soumya asks Mr. bansal to go.

Saya asks Harman for what good reason he is doing ill will with Soumya to grab her. Chameli says we don’t trust this from you. Harman asks where is Soumya? Saya says she isn’t at home. Saya asks what did she do since I got the chance to see your this symbol. Harman inquires as to whether she needs to know and requests that her accompany him. He requests that her sit in his vehicle. Saya sits in his vehicle. They leave. Different kinnars look on. Soumya asks Vedant to rest. She demands him to drink and says I will return home. He says on the off chance that I rest. Soumya says I will wake you up and will continually requests that you take the syrup. Entryway ringer rings, Sindhu, her better half and Raavi open the entryway.

Precap: Saya calls Soumya and requests that her come quick, says Harman did your birthday game plans. Soumya says she can’t come. Following day, he brings cake for Soumya.

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