Phagun Bou 7th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Ayandeep’s Shocking Announcement

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In the most recent scene of Phagun Bou, individuals from the Ghosh family are seen having a typical day. Right at that point, Bibi, her granddad Indrajit and Bidhumukhi land at their place. Roddur’s senior uncle Jadabendra gets glad to meet them after quite a while. Malabika likewise sees their visitors and invites them. Both the relatives show cordiality to one another in spite of the fact that, the chilliness between them is very apparent.

Jadabendra communicates his misery refering to the on-going issues in Mohul and Roddur’s conjugal life. Both the families share a snapshot of cumbersomeness.

In the long run, Indrajit unveils that they have touched base at the Ghosh family unit for an earnest reason. Roddur’s relatives get the stun of their lives, when they discover that Indrajit is here to welcome them for his granddaughter’s (Bibi) wedding. Roddur’s family accept that they are discussing Mohul’s wedding since Indrajit never referenced Bibi’s name. Rather, he just alluded to the favorable capacity as his granddaughter’s wedding.

Indrajit communicates his joy as the imminent lucky man is an IAS officer. Malabika inquires as to why they are hurrying to make such a crucial stride. Bidhumukhi neglects to comprehend the explanation for Malabika’s concerned proclamation. She (Bidhumukhi) shares how she would never expect such a counterpart for their little girl. She likewise discusses their visit to North Bengal with Mohul, Ayan and Bibi. Then, Roddur comes and gets stunned finding out about the marriage. He also thinks Mohul is getting hitched.

Under the feeling that Mohul is the lady of the hour, Ankur attempts his best to constrain Indrajit to reexamine before taking such a fundamental choice.

Roddur salutes Indrajit’s family and volunteers to sign the legal documents. The whole subject transforms into an awkward talk when both the relatives safeguard themselves and deny tuning in to one another. Bibi gets a swoon thought that Roddur’s relatives are thinking Mohul is getting hitched rather than her.

At long last, Roddur volunteers to go to the capacity, while the other relatives carefully decline to go to the marriage or even take the welcome card.

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